Go GREEN with your Web Hosting! #GreenGeeks #2017

Go Green with your Web Hosting

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about a few things that can really get your panties in a bunch when it comes to a shared web server and web hosting! Continuous downtime Expensive rates Lack of quality customer service No technical support No cPanel No support forum Money back guaranteed? If You Blog, […]


You Just Can’t Be Everywhere All The Time!

You Just Cant Be Everywhere All The Time

No matter how hard we try, it’s just not feasibly possible to be on every Social Media network out there! Let me correct myself, it may be possible, however, you would not have time to tend to: your blog your business write blog content promotions other personal obligations Which means, your business and/or blog could quite possibly […]


An Ambitious Girl Boss will Always Shine

An Ambitious Girl Boss Will Always Shine

Over the past several years, my business has evolved from Virtual Assisting to Web Design and Blog Management. I had a game plan when I initially started, but as you know, our plans can change as we feel fit. Plan One Create a virtual business where I can help Entrepreneurs with their needs. This mainly […]


3 Reasons Why I Love Helping Others

3 Reasons Why I Love Helping Others

When I first started my business back in 2015, the initial reason was to start building so I could work from home. Although, sometimes plans don’t go as we expect and sometimes plans will change. During the building of my business, I started to realize how much I enjoyed helping others with the blogs and […]


My Top 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins


As WordPress users, we all love to know what the best plugins are and what they can do for us. I know you’ve read many articles about Highly Recommended Plugins, Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Use, See Why 6 Awesome Plugins Help Online Blogging for You, and so many others and I still wanted to […]


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