what-can-social-media-do-for-your-small-businessWhat Can Social Media Do For Your Small Business

Where I live is almost like the stone ages. Small Companies in my town are not quite with the times when it comes to Social Media. They don’t understand the power of a Tweet or a Facebook update. So how can we tempt them with the power of Social Media?

What Can it Do for Me?

I get the majority of my blog traffic from Twitter and Facebook. Why is that? Because I am constantly sharing my articles and my fellow bloggers articles there. Twitter is the #1 source for where people are reading the News; Facebook trailing in second.




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Think about this scenario:

You tweet a status update about an upcoming deal at your business

“This Thursday, all 2015 Dodge Chargers will be marked 25% off!”

(Yes, I wish this was true however we are hypothetically speaking)

This one tweet is seen by another tweep (person who tweets).

They RT (retweet) the status update to their Twitter followers.

That one (1) tweet could multiply but 10 – 50 more times over the next day; 50-100 in two (2) days; and so on!

Do you see how that single message could be share to approximately 15,000 tweeps in a single week?

It’s Not That Difficult

If you don’t understand the concept of Twitter, don’t fret. I am currently making a very user-friendly tutorial to explain it. However, if you are willing to jump on board the Twitter wagon, just say so! I can not only help you learn Twitter, but I can actually do it for you! Contact Me

What About Facebook?



Facebook is the 2nd place a lot of people will get news from. If you Follow the correct channels, you can learn what’s happening all over the world! However, what some Companies aren’t doing is promoting their businesses on Facebook.

Yes, they may have set up a Facebook Brand Page for their business but without promoting sharing it, they are missing out! Sharing it Publicly to their Facebook profile gives more visibility and changes of being reshared!

It’s essential that you UPDATE, PROMOTE, and SHARE!

What? You don’t understand how? Well, guess what! I can help you with that too! Contact Me

I can create your Facebook Brand Page, give you a pretty cover photo, and schedule promotion status updates throughout the day! You won’t even have to lift a finger other than possibly reply to a comment.

So What Can Social Media Do For Your Business?

Whether it’s a small Business or a huge Corporation, utilizing Free Social Media platforms can not only bring visitors to your business, it can bring in more revenue!

Now who wouldn’t want more smiling faces at their business, spreading awareness via word of mouth, and bring you more revenue? I think any business owner, including myself, would be silly not to jump on the Social Media bandwagon.

This Is What I Can Do For You

Contact me and let’s discuss some easy solutions to building your business community and putting more revenue into your pocket. The Consultation is Free!

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Are You Using Social Media To Your Advantage?

If so, I want to hear from you!