In today’s age, people are looking for more and more flexibility in the workplace than anything else. Having flexible hours or being able to work remotely have become a #1 priority to those seeking employment.

Did you know studies prove that having flexible hours can help increase workplace attendance?

Not having flexibility is one reason that many are leaving Corporate America and starting their own Work-at-Home freelance businesses. Can you blame them?

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Let’s look at some other workplace “perks” that can help keep employees happy at the workplace:


In today’s workplace, employees want their superiors to “communicate” with them. Lack of communication can raise too many questions thus leaving employees looking for other work. Communication must start at the top and work it’s way down.

What type of things should be communicated?

  • The Company’s financial status
  • New endeavors or projects on the horizon
  • Benefit changes
  • Press releases
  • Easy access to information
  • “Open Door” Policy

By communicating, you are also bonding with your employees and creating a  sense of trust and value.

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Who doesn’t want to be recognized for their hard work, especially if you’re going above and beyond your role?

Recognition can come in many ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dollar amount or a free meal. Sometimes having the leaders of a Company acknowledge you and the job you’ve done can go a long way.

Without recognition, you can leave your employees with a sense of worthlessness, thus causing them to not excel at their jobs.

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Development opportunities

One of the most important things I have found over the years is the opportunity to further my education or position within the workplace.

  • Offering Education Reimbursement for those who want to polish their current skills and learn new ones as technology changes is a definite plus.
  • Offering on-the-job training or in-house workshops is another perk when employees can learn a new trade or skill.

Keep employees in tune with the latest technology and skill set.


How difficult is it to work for a Company that you don’t trust? You think the leaders of the Company are secretly conspiring against you or others. You see the leaders traveling to functions in order to connect with others in the similar field, however, all you can think is it’s just another brown-nosing schmooze fest.

How can you trust the leaders who don’t recognize anyone within the Company without a degree? Without Trust, there is no Team.

Trust is just as much essential to a happy workplace as it is to Life.


Feedback can come in many shapes and sizes. One very important way that I know of is Performance Evaluations. In most workplaces, performance evaluations are done annually. This is a great way to let the employee know how their Supervisor sees them. Are they doing a great job? Is there room for improvement? What could the employee do to possible receive a salary increase or promotion? Without this type of feedback, the employee really doesn’t now how they are seen within the Company.

Another type of Feedback can be seen in the leaders asking for suggestions. If there are upcoming projects that will affect the employees, ask them for their opinions. As a leader, you may feel that your idea is the best, however by not asking those who are performing the job or tasks, how do you really know?

Ask for Feedback.

Sense of value

Everyone likes to feel as though they are essential in the Company. How would they feel if I turned in my resignation? Would they counter-offer and try to keep me or would they simply say “Good Riddens”? Having a sense of being important to your Company can make a big difference in how the employee acts or performs their job. If they feel they are non-essential, why should they go above and beyond?

Make sure you employees know they are Valued.

Let’s look at this great infographic I found.

How to Create a Great Workplace Infographic
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What do you think of the infographic?

Can you relate?