choosing-your-blog-platformNow that you figured out the WHY you want to blog, it’s time to think about WHERE you are going to blog.

No, I don’t mean from your house or on a bench at the park, I mean WHICH PLATFORM you are going to use!

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Let’s look at a few of my favorites!


Blogger (Blogspot) is a FREE blogging platform that is run by Google. It’s very easy to customize and has FREE themes available. Believe it or not, I started my very first blog on Blogger. The FREE platform comes with:

  • a FREE domain
  • Easy to use templates with lots of flexibility
  • FREE Background images
  • Integrates seamlessly with Google+

Premium upgrades could be purchased separately:

  • Purchase a custom domain name
  • Premium Theme

Other Options:

  • Make money by showing Ads on your site by using Google Adsense
  • Post from anywhere with the Mobile App (Android and iOS)

WordPress.Com is another FREE blogging Platform. I’ve also used this platform extensively and find it fairly easy to use and comes with a FREE domain.

Easy to set up:

  • Go to and Sign Up
  • Choose your Url (
  • Update your Title and Tagline
  • Choose a theme from hundreds of FREE options
  • Add a Text Header (or image of choice)
  • Change your Background
  • Add a Blog Icon – this distinguishes your site. (i.e, mine is BP that you can see in the web address)
  • Add a Widget – a Widget is an add-on that gives your blog more functions and options. (i.e., Sign Up, Recent Posts, Instagram images, etc.)

Premium upgrades could be purchased separately:.

  • Purchase a custom domain name
  • Domain mapping
  • Custom Design
  • Ad removal
  • More Storage Space
  • Premium Themes or Unlimited Premium Themes
  • And more!


Tumblr is a microblogging FREE Platform. Like the others, creating an account will come with a domain and Free customizable themes.

Tumblr, like Blogger and, is very easy to set up. Sign up for an account and start blogging! Tumblr allows you to share Text, Photo’s, Quotes, Links, Music and Video’s from your laptop, desktop, or mobile!

Premium upgrades could be purchased separately:

  • Premium Themes
  • Purchase a custom domain name



WordPress is a FREE web software used to create a blog. The .ORG comes into play when you decide you want the ability to customize your blog more than will allow and you OWN your site. This means you will have to PAY for Web Hosting, which will get into at a later time.

My sites use WordPress.Org via my web host, SiteGround {Affiliate Link}. I have the freedom to customize my site any way that I want to.

In order to use WordPress.Org, you will need to Sign Up for web hosting. There are many web hosts available but my favorites are SiteGround, BlueHost, and HostGator. Not sure who to choose? Contact Me!

The downside to Self-Hosting:

  • You need to PAY for Web Hosting
  • Premium Themes can be costly
  • You will need to maintain your website which can be a bit confusing as you are looking at the inner workings of a website whereas with the FREE platforms it’s handled for you.

But don’t worry too much about the backend stuff unless you decide to go this route.

There are many courses available online as well as Veteran Bloggers and/or Web Designers that can assist you if needed. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get FREE tips from some of these folks. If someone is asking you to PAY for their Services, be sure you ask for references and check them out. There are some out there that may take advantage of a less than knowledgeable new Blogger.

P.S. I offer a FREE Consultation if you’d like to discuss this option further.

There are also a few other platforms that you can use like Squarespace, however, I am not quite so familiar with them and would not want to steer you wrong by talking about them.

In a nutshell

Choosing the Platform for your Blog should be based from your WHY. However, as someone who is new to blogging, you still may be unsure about WHICH to choose. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can Contact Me via email or phone.

Are you ready yet?

If not don’t worry. Think about it long and hard and discuss with others if you’d like. I’m also here to help you.

Have questions? You can also ask me below!

If you’re already blogging, which Platform did you choose and Why?

What other helpful tips would you suggest for someone who is still in the decision stages for their Platform?