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It’s time to learn about a few Essentials for your new site!

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Blog Essentials

If you have been reading blogs already, you may notice an abundance of options located in the Sidebars and Footers.

Sidebar defined as – a short article in a newspaper or magazine, typically boxed, placed alongside a main article, and containing additional or explanatory material.

A Sidebar is generally found on the left or right side of a website.

Footer defined as – a line or block of text appearing at the foot of each page of a book or document.

A Footer is found at the bottom of the website and could be single or multiple objects.

Widget defined as – an application, or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service.

A Widget can be found in the Sidebar or the Footer of a Website.

#1 Important Sidebar Widget

The most important thing we want when we start a blog is People to read our blogs. What better way to do that than to offer an option for them to Follow or Subscribe to your Blog. This can be done in a couple ways but here are my two (2) favorites:

  • RSS Feed Subscription – this is a technology that allows one to Follow your blog via web feed. RSS stands from Really Simple Syndication, or otherwise known as a News Feed.
  • Email Sign Up – this is a technology that allows one to receive an Email notification where there is new content on your website.

Blogger/Blogspot Users

There are two defaults that can be easily configured.

Feedburner which is a service that allows a Follower to sign up to receive an email when new content is published.

RSS Feed – which allows one to Follow your blog via an RSS Reader. Users

RSS Feed using the RSS Links Widget.

Follow – which enables one to receive an email when content is posted. This is a Free application.

Newsletter – You can make your own Newsletter using the Contact Form, however, I would not recommend this. If you really want to use a Newsletter, I would recommend using a program like MailChimp or Aweber*. Users

Your options are limitless. You can use any of the above methods generally with not much effort.

There is also a WordPress Plugin (Free) that I like to use which is called MailPoet. MailPoet in my opinion is easier to use than MailChimp or Aweber because it lies within your WordPress Dashboard. It’s very easily configured and very customizable.

Are there others?

Of course, you will find many other options but I like to share the most popular ones that I know about and have used.

Are you still with me?

Have you been following blogs already and if so, how are you doing so? If you’ve already created your blog, do you already have a Subscription Service ready? Which do you prefer?

If you’re a seasoned Blogger, what do you use? Would you recommend others that I have not mentioned above?


*I have not personally used Aweber for any of my sites.