Not getting the traffic you want? Maybe a New Theme could help!

How many times have you landed on a website and thought “Oh my gosh! This is beautiful!” That is a site you’ll enjoy coming back to over and over again (as long as the content is good too). But if you land on a website and the appearance isn’t appealing to your eyes, you’re less likely to continue coming back, right?

If you ever considered a Retheme but was unaware of your options, please Contact Me to discuss.

Web Designers

Part of the job of a Web Designer is to suggest options to a Client.  They should ask you:
  • How do you envision your site?
  • What is your Niche?
  • Do you want a lively, fun site?
  • Do you prefer a clean, professional appearance?
  • What are your color preferences?
  • Do you have font styles in mind?
  • Will you be adding a store? (WooCommerce)

These are just a few questions a Web Designer could ask you in order to help you choose a Theme.

A word of caution:  If you aren’t given any choices, RUN, and RUN FAST!


I am a firm believer in Genesis Framework for WordPress sites. Genesis Framework is so easy to customize which makes my job that much easier. A few of my favorite Theme sites are:

These themes are built on the Genesis Framework. Did you know Genesis Framework has built in SEO? No need for another SEO plugin because your options are right there!

There are many other Themes out there but here is where my focus lays. I’m always looking for other options so if you can recommend any, please comment below.

Working with a Client

When you’re contacted about creating a new website for a Client, please be sure to ask questions! Also, please be very specific in your design package. List everything your Client will be receiving for the specific amount they are paying. Don’t leave anything to the imagination.

You may have been creating websites for quite some time, so try and take yourself back to the beginning. Do you remember how many questions you had when you created your first self-hosted site? Remember how many details you didn’t even know about? Free plugins versus Premium plugins? Security? Why do I need a Security plugin? What is this SEO thing and what is a Yoast?

Spell-It-Out to your Client!

Make sure that before you even accept any kind of payment, your Client knows exactly what they are getting.

I offer a 30-minute Free Consultation, however, I also want to make sure my Client understands the project at hand. If it takes me two days of chatting with a Client for them to understand all the options available, I will do that. Money is important, however, having a Client who is happy with the end result means more to me than anything.


As with everything else in your business, put it in writing and have it signed off on. Contracts can be elaborate if you’d like, however, I prefer the short and sweet version. Make sure that if you are requesting a Deposit or Retainer, to let your Client know upfront. The more straightforward you are with a Client, the better the project will be.

Back to Generating Traffic

The old saying is “Easy on the Eyes”. This has a huge part in our web designs. A design or theme should be:

  • Easy to Navigate
  • Easy to Read
  • Have lots of “white space”
  • Functional widgets
  • Easy way to Contact you
  • No cluttered with ads and/or popups (they can be rather annoying)
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In Closing

By using these simple tips, you are making your website more user-friendly, which means, people may:

  • Revisit your site
  • Spread the word about your site or product(s)
  • Buy your product(s)
  • Hire you!

Do you see how a simple Redesign or Retheme of your website/blog can give you a Win?

Over to you

What changes have you made to your website to generate more traffic effectively? Have you tested a new theme to see if my suggestions will work? I love hearing from you so please, share with us in the Comments section below!

I love hearing from you so please, share with us in the Comments section below!