If you haven’t noticed, the demand for Freelance writers is on the rise. But why? Companies are seeking out qualified writers to join their team and produce content. This could be content that is published giving the Freelance Writer credit or it could be “Ghost” written material.

What’s the difference between a Freelance Writer and a Ghost Writer?

A Freelance Writer is one that writes content and gets credit for writing it.

A Ghost Writer is one that writes content for the business or client, relinquishes ownership, and allows the person or company that purchased it to assume credit for writing it.

Both types of writers can be very lucrative depending on your skill set.

Companies aren’t the only one seeking Writers

I’ve noticed another trend lately. Yes, I believe there are times when I’m late to the game. Bloggers are seeking out Freelance and Ghost Writers as well! Whether they are going on vacation, a sabbatical, or just looking for filler content, Bloggers are now reaching out to Freelancers to hire for content.

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I have been contacted by a few Bloggers to provide content and accepted after terms and rates were decided upon.

There is money to be made here

If you’re a Freelance Writer, I’m sure you know the two biggest names out there, Elna Cain and Gina Horkey. If you haven’t visited their sites, I highly recommend you do. These women are making their living by writing, and might I add, are making big money!

If you enjoy writing, this could be the job for you

As a blogger, you have to enjoy writing. I have been blogging for over 5 years and enjoy it. There’s just something about expressing yourself through words that is exciting for me.

I have guest posted on sites like Inspire to Thrive, Not Now Mom’s Busy, and InspiredVA. I continue to write for my online magazine, My Girly Parts.  Writing, no matter what style it may be in, is an awesome gig! Take a minute to look at my ever growing Portfolio!

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I am for hire

Due to the demand for Freelance Writers and Ghost Writers, I have opened up myself for hire. If you’d like to find out more, Contact Me for my Rates and Availability. I’m anxious to hear from you.

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