Since starting my Web Design and Blog Support business, I have received many inquiries about Social Media Sharing. I’m am usually quick to recommend two of my favorite FREE sharing plugins as well as my favorite PREMIUM plugin, Social Warfare. I know not everyone wants to pay for a premium plugin; however, Social Warfare is different. Let’s take a look at my previous introductory post, How To Increase Your Content Shareability

Social Warfare Features are Amazing!

Social Warfare is constantly updating their application and making it better!

Social Media

Most recently, Social Warfare added two more social media platforms to its share list: Buffer and Pocket. But let’s take a look at all of them!



Isn’t that an amazing list?

Twitter Counts

Do you remember the big fuss when it was announced NO MORE TWITTER COUNTS? Well, guess what?



Twitter Counts are Back! It’s easy to configure and you get your beloved Twitter Share Counts back!


I get asked a lot of Pinterest and although I know it’s a very popular social media platform, I still have yet to figure out the obsession. I think you either love it or you Pin and go.

One of my Client’s asked me today about Pinterest and Pinning. Of course, I love the Image Sharing feature on SumoMe, which is great for Pinning. However, I believe Social Warfare’s Pinterest feature is that much better! Just for the record, I used both.

Let’s take a peek!


When someone Pins your chosen Pinterest image, you can automatically be mentioned by just adding your Pinterest Username into the Settings!

But How Does it Work?

I knew you were going to ask, so I decided, since I’m a very visual person, images can sometimes talk louder than words. Let’s look inside our WordPress Dashboard at the Social Warfare panel.



This was my from my Introductory post to Social Warfare. Do you see the options that are available specifically for Pinterest?

  • Custom Pinterest Description!
  • Custom Pinterest Image for Pinning (Different than your Feature Image) – It even recommends pinning dimensions for your image!
  • Oh and Custom Tweet!

But this isn’t the only option!

What about Social Media options?



Yes! This is super awesome! Not only can you choose a different Pinterest image, but an entirely different Social Media image to share with your Facebook, Linkedin, and GooglePlus!


I guess I should really apologize for my excitement (!) when I talk about Social Warfare, but I think it has been the best plugin to walk this earth. It has definitely been worth the investment!

Oh, Let’s Talk About Price

There are currently three (3) plans available for you to choose from:

  • Lieutenant’s Package – 1 license for 1 website @ $24/yr
  • Captain’s Package – 5 licenses for 5 websites @ $110/yr
  • Colonel’s Package – 10 licenses for 10 websites @ $200/yr

Only need two (2) licenses? Then that’s what you buy!

Are you convinced yet? Get Social Warfare Today! {Affiliate Link}

You Won’t Be Disappointed

I guarantee you will find the value in Social Warfare that I and so many others do. Learn more about Social Warfare by reading my previous post How To Increase Your Content Shareability. I talk about the great features and how by using Social Warfare, it can boost your traffic!

So, think about it. If you can squeeze it into your budget, I say Go For It! If not right at this moment, maybe you could save up for it.

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Don’t just take it from me. There are so many ProBloggers and Business people using Social Warfare! Google or Bing “Social Warfare” and read all the excellent reviews about it. If my articles and their reviews don’t convince you, nothing will. However, aren’t you just a bit curious about boosting traffic to your site?

Let’s Hear From Our Social Warfare Lovers

If you’re using Social Warfare on your site(s), please share your thought about it below. Reading or hearing great reviews from those of Influence can really help someone make one of the best investments in their blogging world!