I’ve been blogging for over 6 years now and like to think I’ve seen a variety of hobby and business blogs. Some are very elaborate and well-detailed, while others are like a blank slate.

There are business blogs that are strictly business. You know what the person is offering or selling but never really get to understand the person behind the business.

Then you have your hobby bloggers that air all their laundry (clean and dirty) for the world to critique and share their opinions.

I want to fall somewhere in-between.

Let’s Get Personal, Shall We? All Work and No Play….

I’m an inspiring Entrepreneur

Who is still stumbling to find my exact niche. ย I have many skills and talents I can offer, however, with today’s stiff competition will I ever be seen?

I work a full-time job as an Administrative Assistant

I’ve been working in the Sales/Administration field ever since I was 16. My first real paying job was in Retail Sales. I loved it! However, my heart told me that I needed to go Clerical and that’s just what I did. I had some schooling but self-taught myself the majority of my “now” skills. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished and can hold my own against those with degrees.

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I am Passionate about Helping People

I thoroughly enjoy helping people with their blogs. Whether it’s:

  • Creating their vision with Web Design
  • Helping them Build a Community
  • Talking them through Blog Issues
  • Technical Blog Support
  • Or creating Images for their Websites

I enjoy it, for the most part. However, there comes a time when some of it may become redundant. You get that one “not quite so nice” client who doesn’t give you the respect you deserve. It can turn your smile upside down and make you hesitant for your next client.

They Say Don’t Mix Business with Pleasure

But why?

Why does a business site have to be strictly business? Isn’t it nice to find out more about the person you may be paying to complete a task for you?

In the business world, creating lasting Relationships and Getting Personal can further your career.

So when I hear someone way, “Don’t Mix Business With Pleasure”, are they merely sending out a warning about affairs of the heart?

I’ve Thought Long and Hard

I even discussed it with a few fellow entrepreneurs. Mixing Business with “some” Pleasure can be a good thing!

From here on, I plan on mixing a bit of pleasure (personal life) with my business. Do you remember what my business is? I’m in the midst of updating my Services, so let me give you a run down.

I currently offer:

  • Commenting on Blog Posts
  • WordPress.org Web Design (not Development)
  • WordPress.org Setup
  • WordPress.com Setup and Design
  • Creating Royalty Free Blog Images
  • Facebook and Twitter Headers
  • Social Media Management
  • More Coming Soon……

So, if you think you can use a bit of assistance, please be sure to Contact Me to discuss your needs.

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Over to You

If you’re an entrepreneur, do you stay strictly business-like on your site? Or do you mix a bit of personal? I’d love to hear your thoughts!