I’ve been thinking a lot about images lately and the best options to create them. You may remember my previous post, 5 Awesome Ways to Help You Create Like a Pro? In that article, I discussed my favorite image editors and creators. All of the applications I mentioned

  • Canva
  • Phonto
  • BeFunky
  • Pixlr
  • Paint

can help you create Optimized images. However, once it is uploaded to your media library, is it Optimized to its fullest?

ONE Quick and Easy Way to Optimize Your Images

One Quick and Easy Way to Optimize Your Images

Using Optimized images on your website can help you in many ways.


Unoptimized images can bog down your website because they can contain bulky, hidden files. Optimizing your images will remove the heinous hidden files and cut out on any unnecessary date running behind scenes.


A Royalty Free Stock Image may be downloaded and saved at a high-resolution. By uploading an image of 2500 x 1667 px, you could be hindering your:

  • site speed
  • page loading
  • web host bandwidth

So, What Can You Do to Eliminate Image Issues?

Scale Your Images!

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Most websites and/or blogs have a standard feature image size. For instance, if you generally create images that are 800 x 400, why upload an image that is 2000 x 1000? By uploading an image larger than what you actually need, it will cause extra page loading time thus slowing your page loading speed.


Basically, let’s compress or “smush” your images so they so will be larger in file size. You won’t lose any quality of the images and will gain page/site speed.

But How Can I Optimize Especially When I Have Hundreds of Images on my Site?

I’m going to let you in on one of my favorite little secrets, WPSmushIt!

WPSmushIt is a remarkable plugin with so many useful tools! Let’s look at the features:

  • Smash per image or in bulk (up to 50 in free app – pro version (paid) allows all images in one click)!
  • Auto Smush on upload (love this!)!
  • Set standard width and height for images. Images that are uploaded larger than the standard you set will be Scaled prior to loading to your media library!
  • Best of all, Smushing will not slow down your site or hinder it in any way! It’s actually good for your site’s health!

Benefits of Using WPSmushIt

The more you Optimize your images, the faster your page loading and website speed will be. Thus increasing your search engine ranking!

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Where Can I Get WPSmushIt?

You can either go to your WordPress Dashboard and Search for WPSmushIt via your Plugin tab or you can Safely Download it Right Here!

Configuring WPSmushIt has never been easier. Let’s look at the images below.


Optimize You Images


Optimize Your Images

Set the maximum width and height of images allowed on your site

Set the maximum width and height of images allowed on your site!


Optional Advanced Settings

WPSmushIt Advanced Settings

Let’s SmushIt!

It's Smushing Time!

The Results

All Your Images will be Compressed/Smushed in minutes!

How easy is that?

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Mind you, there are other resources out there available to help you Optimize your images. Even if you optimize prior to uploading, one can never be certain the image(s) have been compressed as much as possible.

I highly recommend you give WPSmushIt a try and if you don’t like it, which I doubt you won’t simply Deactivate the plugin and Delete. What do you have to lose?

Over to You

What is your go-to for image optimization? Are you using WPSmushIt or an alternative? I’d love to hear from you!