Simple, Clean, and Fun! What More Could You Want?
The following article contains Affiliate Links. This means if you purchase a service or product using the link, I will receive compensation.

Simple, Clean, and Fun! What More Could You Want?

The interweb or “virtual world” is growing ever fast. Just look at how many new blogs are popping up on your radar on a daily basis! People have something to say or something to sell. What better way than to blog it.

However, some miss out on opportunities because their blog lacks visual appeal. You can read a dozen blogs about web design and they will all be different in some way. What one designer believes is essential, another may not.

But one thing is clear, simple, clean, and fun will work almost every time!

This is my goal

I have a hobby blog where I don’t worry about SEO or Analytics. Thank goodness! I also don’t have to worry about the back-end or front-end maintenance because it is hosted on a free platform. Having the “no worry” syndrome is absolutely a freeing feeling. Not being bogged down by maintenance is an extraordinary rush!

My second blog is my business site. Yes, I dabble a little in WordPress Web Design, Installations, and Image Creation. However, this isn’t my full-time paying job. I do it on the side and at my leisure. Unfortunately due to my full-time job, I’ve had to say “No” to some design work and refer them to a few trustworthy friends of mine.

Enter Virtual Bren

Why the heck would I want another blog? Well, I really didn’t. However, I didn’t want a blog to sit there and collect dust when it was supposed to be a testing platform. However, how much FUN can a testing platform be?

Virtual Bren is a WordPress blog built on Genesis Framework and hosted on Bluehost {Affiliate Link}. Yes, that’s right. If you know me, you know how much a promote SiteGround  {Affiliate Link} to my friends and clients. However, I’ve always wanted another host that I could recommend. Thankfully, Bluehost approached me and well, here we are.

I feel the pressure

When I need to write “not quite” from the heart, the pressure is on. I’m an open person and can lay pretty much anything out there in “virtual land”. However, I’ve found that when I have to be prim and proper, my writing doesn’t reflect my personality.

I struggled to keep my inner “kook” at bay. Quite frankly, I’m not exactly proud of the content. As much as I preach “Be yourself”, I still find that I hold back when it comes to my business. Why is that? Can’t I be my happy, go-lucky self and still provide a service? Why do I continue to struggle with that?

I have mad skills

Alright, maybe not quite so mad but I can create a web design or two and enjoy the creative aspect of it. Don’t talk coding to me because I’m not feeling that. However, if a “coder” or developer is what you seek, check out my friend, Ravi. He is the bomb at coding!

Is Consistency with Blog Images Good or Boring?

I have an “eye” for design, or so I’m told. I try to believe it but when I see other websites, I think “I’m just a baby fry in the super size box of McDonald’s french fries”. However, I get by and I can create magic.

Some days I just don’t feel it

Really! I don’t know how Designers and Developers do it! There are days I feel super creative and others when I am absolutely brain-dead. How do they keep the switch “on” throughout the “off” days? I would really like to figure that one out.

Just like with blogging. There are days my mind is flooded with blog content. But on my “off” days, I tend to beat myself up because my brain is just “down for maintenance”.

How do they do it? How do YOU do it?

Keeping it real

The “experts” say we should use templates for images on our blogs. They should have the same colors and fonts. However, my creative mind feels that doesn’t work for me. I like to express my creative juices through my images. How boring would it be to have the same style images across the blog? Mind you, this is personal preference as I see many doing just this. I believe it’s part of their “branding”. However, isn’t your name and your logo a bigger part of your branding?

I reached out on Facebook to some of my blogging friends and the responses I received were:

  • good for branding
  • could be boring

So, what do YOU as a blogger do? Does “branding” really have anything to do with our blog images? Shouldn’t it be more about your name and your logo or trademark? What about your personality? Is that part of “branding” as well?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

The following article contains Affiliate Links. This means if you purchase a service or product using the link, I will receive compensation.