I’m not sure why it is, it just is! I’ve tried many times to have a great newsletter. Ok, let me correct that. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to have a good email. I can get people to subscribe, however, getting them to Open the email and Click over to the site is another story in itself.Newsletters

However, this post isn’t about my own failure at creating Newsletters. It’s about the Newsletters I subscribe to.

I Have a Hate-Hate Relationships with Newsletters

There are so many blogs out there nowadays that have Newsletters for you to sign up to. They offer:

  • freebies
  • inside tips
  • training courses
  • images
  • and more!

I totally get that and admire those who are successful at it. However, I really hate email. I can’t pinpoint what it is about an email that I dislike. I love the freebies and some of the content is outstanding. On the other hand, some of the content is so not relevant to me or my niches, that I quickly delete it.

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Why Do I Allow These To Clutter My Inbox

Let me think about this one for a second….. Alright, I got it. I use Bloglovin’ as my blog feed. However, I’ve found not every blog is there or can be added. So how do I follow a blog that I want to read?

Subscribe via Email


But it can be so annoying for me! Mind you, there are a few out of about three dozen that I don’t find annoying. Even a few that I subscribed to just because I want to support a friend. However, if you know anything about Newsletters, if your click-over-rate stinks, why have a newsletter?

I really don’t mind the blog published notification. Jetpack has an option subscription service available and I do like it. However, some of those feeds will post the entire article, thus leaving me either to get lost in reading it or not clicking over. How many of you actually click-over after reading an entire blog post?

I know I’m not alone in this

The Lure

We all love getting things for Free, which is a major perk for some Newsletters. Trust me, I appreciate every freebie I’ve ever gotten. However, some of the newsletters are published either daily or every other day! Holy email overload! I simply can’t keep up!

How do you do it? Do you just scroll through your email and read based on the title? Or do these stay in your email inbox for weeks until you delete them?

I Need To Get My Act Together

I’ve recently gotten so frustrated with my email that I decided to start Unsubscribing from just about ever Newsletter I previously subscribed to. Mind you, there are a few I absolutely just can’t. And please don’t be offended if I unsubscribe from yours because I’m still following your blog via RSS. I also decided to go back to using an RSS feed. My choice of reader is Inoreader, simply because I love the mobile app. (I live on my phone.) 

I hope to gain back control of my Inbox by the first of the year. Think I can do it?

Newsletters for Business

I know there are so many people that swear by Email Marketing. I would love to know:

  1. What they are promoting or selling?
  2. How many subscribers they have?
  3. What is their Open and Click-Over rate?
  4. How often they clean out their subscribers?
  5. Do they feel the Newsletter is actually generating more business for them?

If you use a Newsletter, would you please weigh in below? What is your marketing strategy? How do you keep people like me (Newsletter haters) from unsubscribing? How could you help someone like me enjoy Newsletters again?

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Thanks for reading and dropping a comment in advance. 😉