It happens to the best of us.

3 Things to do When you Get the Blogging Blues

We get so wrapped up in our jobs, family, and other priorities. The pressure to produce great content, networking with others, and promotion can be a major downer!

Combine them together and you get the Blogging “Blues”!

3 Things To Do When You Get The Blogging “Blues”

As defined by me……

The Blogging “Blues” – when you simple lack the inspiration, the motivation, and the desire to write unique content. This is generally accompanied by the lack of desire to visit other blogs, comment, and share.

It may happen gradually or it may slam you all at once. But when it happens, You Know It! Some of us get so crazed by the “lack of” that it drives us insane!

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But don’t let it! Here are three (3) things we can do when we get slammed by the blogging “blues”.

1. Take a Break

You might not like it but it’s highly recommended that you “take a breather”. Being overwhelmed by the pressures is going to hinder the content you produce. You need to be relaxed, refreshed, and focused. Do things you enjoy. A hobby, spend time with your children, your partner, your furry kids. Take a walk, do yoga, meditate, kickboxing, or anything else that may help you detox from the burdens you’re experiencing.

Step away from your blog(s) and take care of your priorities!

3 Things to do When you Get the Blogging Blues

2. Revise Your Blogging Schedule

If you are one that publishes on a daily basis (I certainly don’t know how y’all do it), then maybe cutting back to every other day or even three (3) days per week, may relieve some of the tension. I know the pro bloggers say we should publish consistently but if you have a family, a job, and other priorities, it may not be feasible. Screw what the “so-called” blogging rules are and walk to your own beat.

If you decide to change your publishing schedule, be sure to let your readers, your audience know what your intentions are. If you have a good relationship with them, a great community of loyal friends and readers, you may even let them in on what is happening in your life and why you are changing your schedule.

No one says you have to blog daily. You could blog twice a month and as long as you are consistent and keep your readers involved, you’ll be fine. Don’t stress it! Do it Your Way!

3.  Ask For Help

If you’ve been blogging for some time and have developed relationships with other bloggers, ask them to help. Maybe they could contribute to your blog by writing a guest post and taking the “driver’s seat” for you. If you have many trustworthy blogging friends, reach out to them. You may be surprised at the responses you get!

By having Guests or Contributors, you’re also allowing for another “tone” on your blog and one that may break up the “norm”. It’s a great way to not only take the break you need but to lure a different audience to your blog.


I know, I said three (3) things but I wanted to make sure to share this tidbit with you.

When you find that you are technically “brain-dead” or “content challenged”, it’s great to Brainstorm with some trusted blogging friends. I am lucky enough to have a small brainstorming posse with my good friends, Cori Ramos of Not Now Mom’s Busy and Dana Gore of I Am My Imagination.

We have special chat sessions on Google Hangouts and Facebook. These are ongoing sessions of talking about our personal lives, business strategies, and blogging ideas. Trust me when I say, I would be lost without these two wonderful women! I learn so much from both of them and have embraced their opinions. A Brainstorming Group is a fabulous thing to get your mojo back!

To my girlies, thank you for always supporting me in all my blogging adventures. I am forever grateful for both of you! Muwah! xoxox

Over to You

How do you handle the “blog fog”? Do you push through content even though you aren’t focused? What strategies would you like to share with us?

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