Got your attention?

I tell you what, an Awesome headline will get me every time! So, don’t feel bad.

We all have a story

A story of how we became the Blogger we are today. We may have started blogging for a different reason than what we currently have, but either way, there is a story. This is mine.

You’re Seeing It Here For the First Time Ever

You're Seeing It Here For the First Time Ever

My story is like many. We have an idea and we want to share it with the world.

Mine started back in 2010 when I rescued a twice rejected American Bulldog/Staffordshire Terrier mix. He was my first ever “Pit Bull”, as so many say he is.

  • He was dysfunctional
  • Scary looking to some
  • Had two previous names and homes
  • Needed obedience training
  • I was determined to turn his life around and share “our” story”

I knew people would want to read our story. The story how a mother adopted a child and turned his life around. That was my mission.

Where it all began

Blogger. Can you believe it? The WordPress snob that I am today totally started out blogging on Blogger in 2010.

The #WordPress snob that I am today totally started out blogging on #Blogger!Click To Tweet

I didn’t have a clue about blogging, creating one, themes, sharing, or analytics. All I knew is that I could write and share our story. Quickly did I learn the art of HTML, JavaScript, and completely blowing up a blog.

Trial and Error.

I also learned:

  • Blogging isn’t easy
  • You need to work hard at it
  • You must network with others
  • It can be lonely at the bottom

Then you get noticed! And your mission starts to change a bit. You desire a bigger audience! You heard you can make money and now you want that! You read of others getting free products in exchange for a review! You seek out sponsors only to be turned down because Google says you don’t rank high enough. Who is Google again?


As I began to learn more and more about networking with other bloggers, I noticed a different breed of website.

Enter in —–>WordPress

I just had to try it!

So one day when I had nothing better to do, because blogging is so easy and doesn’t require much,  I landed on and wandered my way through creating a blog. When I learned that I could import my existing blog on Blogger, I was anxious! I saw a larger audience and a better website!

Oh, just wait a minute  couple hours now! I read this is easy but they didn’t mention all the clean up and the fact that my entire blog, theme included, would not import into! What was assumed to be quick and easy, turned into a mess of clean up, days missed from blogging, sharing our story, and frustration.

But I didn’t turn back……………….. yet.

Frustrations can lead to “blog fog”

Yes, getting so tied up in the transition from Blogger to and my lack of blogging updates quickly turned to frustration and boredom. I didn’t want to just blog about my “dog” anymore. I have more life experiences in me and I want to share them! I want to talk about my most personal and intimate feelings. I want to build a “Community” of women who can talk about anything!

The birth of another blog

Enter in ——-> a lifestyle blog – rated R

My newly created blog about Women, our lives, and all we endure was created. It was snarky, raw, and straight-up. Yes, it wasn’t for the faint of heart and my audience suffered because of that. But I didn’t care. I had the gift of gab and a lifetime of experience as a woman, many heartaches, and marriage. I opened up my heart to my readers and the worldwide web.

Bloggers can be critical

Blogs that are “raw” and dish out content that is not “sugar-coated” can be a turn-off for many. There are those who believe that we should still “beat around the bush” even when we are talking about our lady bits, menstruation, and infidelity.

I disagree

You're Seeing It Here For the First Time Ever

Not only was the name of my blog a bit risqué, the content also pushed the limits. My audience of readers grew and before I knew it, I was being paid to publish content on MY BLOG!

Be careful what you wish for

If you go into blogging and you don’t know all the “so-called rules”, you can quickly find yourself in a heap of bullshit that you never thought could happen.

It happened to me

Google slammed my blog of over 2 years of content, product reviews, and sponsored content. They totally removed my page ranking and wanted me to jump through hoops to clean it all up.

I had to make decisions

Was it worth going through two-plus years of content and editing what I thought was making Google angry at me? Who’s to say I would get it right the first time? I could spend months on editing a blog that would never again have page ranking or domain authority!

Decisions can be tough to make especially when we have to live with them. Click To Tweet

I took another leap

The birth of yet another blog

Wait, did I forget to tell you in the meantime all this mess was happening with my lady bit blog, that I started building a business of my own with another website?

Indeed, I did and Yes, before you ask, I am a glutton for punishment!

Back to my punishment and letting go of an over 2 1/2-year-old blog. Just one day, it and all its content disappeared.

That’s right! I axed the entire blog and removed anything and everything that I had to do with it! Take that, Google!

Yes, I created another blog about Women so I could continue to network with them and build a Community. But having a blog to build a Community is just one part of it. Have a Facebook Community is the second. It’s actually more fun than blogging so I spend more time there than on the actual blog itself.

And here I am again

I’ve created this new blog because of a partnership with Bluehost. Cool, right? Yes and No. I’m not one to just let a blog lay dormant when I know it has great potential. I continue to blog on my business site, but that is more professionally based content that is geared towards Blogger, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Designers.

Having another outlet, like this one, is a perk!

We’re living in the age of digital and virtual reality. I’m guessing about 85% of America is connected to the world-wide web in some way. What better way to learn more about our “virtual world” than for someone, like me, who wants to share her trials and tribulations of Life in a Virtual World.

Trust me, it’s not all cotton candy and soda pop. 😉

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