It’s so easy to let it happen. We get consumed with the idea of blogging and sharing our thoughts and expertise, that we lose track of “Life” itself.

Don’t Let the Blogging Bug Blind You

When you start blogging, you’re on a mission. You’ve probably already stalked a bazillion blogs and have an idea what you want YOURS to be like.

Slow down there, little buddy.

Blogging popularity is not something that happens overnight. It takes a lot of time, patience, dedication, and networking to become big kahunas. But it’s worth it!

Blog Traffic

Once that blog traffic starts landing on your site, you want more. You crave more! You start researching ways to generate more traffic and comments. It consumes you.

Again, slow down there, little buddy.

You might forget to take care of priorities like:

  • family
  • your furkids
  • friends
  • a job
  • a hobby
  • life

Your whole world can start to crumble if you neglect it because you’ve been blinded by the blogging bug!

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Get Organized

Take it from someone who became obsessed with blogging a long time ago. Yes, I even let family, my furkid, and my full-time paying job slip by me.

Don't Let the Blogging Bug Blind You

It didn’t pay off.

  • Get a Planner or an Organizer, I suggest one that you actually handwrite in (not online).
  • Allocate a certain amount of time daily and weekly to devote to your blog.
  • Set an alarm to break your focus
  • Enjoy time with family, furkids,  friends, hobbies and yes, even housework.

Don’t Let the Blogging Bug Blind You!

Practice Patience

You’re not going to get popular overnight nor make millions from your blog.

Take baby steps.

  • Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers.
  • Don’t get frustrated if you have a “flop” of a blog post….or two or three. It happens. Get over it!
  • Don’t try and be everywhere online. Pick a few Social Media networks and focus on them!
  • Network with at least 5 new bloggers a week, more if you can handle it.

It will happen when it’s time.

Don’t Give Up

Don’t get so frustrated that you hang up your blogging hand.

No one likes quitters anyway.

Pace yourself.

Take baby steps.

Practice Patience.

Slow down.

Don’t miss out on what’s most important: Family, Furkids, Friends, Hobbies, and/or your Job.

Can You Relate?

If you’re a veteran blogger, can you relate to “blogging blindness”? If so, how did you overcome it? Or didn’t you? Let’s discuss!


By the way, if you have heard already, Twitterfeed is shutting its doors for good. I highly recommend you try Buffer and for your scheduling needs. I’ve been using both for years and can’t recommend them enough! Good luck!