As 2016 nears its end, it’s time to start thinking about our Goals for 2017.

Whether you’re a Blogger, Freelancer, or Entrepreneur, having a game plan can help ease the transition into the New Year.

When I sit back and look at the past year, especially in my new business, I reflect on what I did well and where I can improve. Evaluating your business or blog is a must do! If we failed to meet our goals in 2016, we need to find out why.

Let’s ask ourselves:

  • What were my strengths in 2016?
  • Where did I fall a bit weak?
  • What areas do I need the most improvement?
  • What can I do to ensure I don’t make the same mistakes in 2017?

It’s Time to Flush Out 2016 and Welcome In 2017

I’m looking forward to the New Year. The other day, I received my 2017 business license in the mail and got so excited! My second year of business! It’s important that I don’t make the same mistakes as in 2016, so I’m writing goals, setting up strategies, and ready to kick some butt in 2017!

Let’s take a look at what might help you in the New Year.

Try Not to Stress

All too often we try to be everywhere on the Internet to ensure our presence is seen. Social Media is just one part of the whole picture. We can’t be everywhere. It’s simply not possible.

  • Make a daily plan of where you want to be that day.
  • If a daily plan doesn’t work for you, consider an hourly plan and write it down.
  • Select certain hours for Facebook Groups, Tweeting, Pinning, Commenting, and Writing.

Remember this we are not Super Human and can not possibly do it all! When we start stressing, we lose focus. Loss of focus can cause bad business.

Analyze Your Analytics

If you’re not using Google Analytics in at least your weekly blogging analysis, you are missing out. There is so much we can learn about our blogging audience, our reach, referrals and social media. I make sure to visit mine at least weekly to examine where my traffic is coming from.

Once we find out where our strengths are in sending traffic to our websites, FOCUS on them. Select your top 3 or 4 highest social media resources and concentrate on those. Don’t waste your time on what doesn’t work. But before you jump ship, make sure you gave it your ALL on those networks before letting them go.

Remember this not all social media networks are suitable for every blog niche or business.

Build a Community

Many bloggers don’t realize the power of building a Community.

the people with common interests living in a particular area;

My Community is a tribe (the people) who have common interests online (living in a particular area). That is people who share similar interests with me in blogging, web design, freelancing, entrepreneurship, networking, and building relationships with those online.

Having Blogging Friends is essential in my opinion. Many others, like Corinne Kerston who recently shared How to Make Blogging Friends and Why You Need Them and Ravi Chahar of Blogging Love featured on Donna Merrill Tribe spoke about How To Build Relationships With People Through Blogging seem to believe the same.

Building a Community or Tribe can be beneficial not only for you and your blog or business but for the other tribe member as well. By forming this type of relationship, you can collaborate and secure a backup buddy or two.

Remember this don’t go it alone. There are many out there that love to help others. Build those relationships, cherish them, and give back.

Have Fun

Lastly, don’t ever forget to have fun. Your business and/or blog should be something you are passionate about. Passion should lead to fun. Without either, you’re bound to have a rough time and eventually give up and fail.

Remember why you started your business or blog, embrace it, and make it happen! 2017 is going to be YOUR year!

Your Turn

How do you plan on ringing in the New Year? Do you have your Goals ready? Are you starting a new adventure?

It's Time to Flush Out 2016 and Welcome In 2017