Not only am I a huge fan of paying it forward, I also love sharing the work of some of my fellow entrepreneur sisters.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to two Girl Bosses that I couldn’t be without.  One in which I’ve been stalking and buying from for quite some time and the other one I recently met and know I can’t be without. Both of these ladies have helped me in more ways than they will ever know so in order to pay it forward, let me introduce you to April and Yami!

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Seduce Them To Your Blog With the Help of These Two Entrepreneurs

April of Studio Mommy Stylish Designs

I met April a little over a year ago when I was searching for feminine WordPress themes. When I stumbled upon her website, I fell in love. Not only are her designs beautiful and easy to customize, they are also inexpensive. This is a huge perk for a WordPress theme junkie like myself. So, I started buying her themes and have continued to until this very day. Yes, April is having a HUGE SALE that ends on Valentine’s Day. 50% off! I had been eyeing one of her themes, Mrs. Chalkboard, and just purchased it today!

April is a work-at-home Mom of three (3) beautiful children, is married to a very supportive husband, and used to create custom-built designs. Now, she focuses on creating simple, yet chic premade themes and recently added premade logos! I highly recommend you check out Studio Mommy so you can see what I’m talking about!

Meet Ellie Jane

When I mentioned to April that I wanted to write a post about her themes, she mentioned Ellie-Jane was one of her best sellers. Since I own the Ellie Jane theme already and have used it in the past, I thought this was a great theme I could share with you. Let’s check it out!

Meet Girl Boss, April of Studio Mommy

Ellie Jane is one of the themes April recently revamped. She added a beautiful and chic homepage, portfolio, and the theme is WooCommerce ready. That is after you install the plugin with her easy to understand instructions. Ellie Jane is fully customizable from the colors to the fonts to the layout (left or right sidebar). Check out the online DEMO to have a better look around.

All of April’s WordPress Themes are built on Genesis Framework and are Fully Mobile Responsive. Believe me, when I say, I own over 85% of her themes and I continue to buy them! This is because they are beautiful and again, so easy to customize!

Even if you are technically challenged at installing a theme to your website, April offers a 24-service for installation and setup! Moving from or Blogger to No problem! I can help you Migrate your blog to your new Self-Hosted {afflink} site!

You really have absolutely nothing to lose by hopping over to Studio Mommy and checking out her designs. Plus, do it before February 14th and get your theme at 50% off! Be sure to let April know I sent you! 😉

Yami of Boss Latina

I found Yami’s blog, Boss Latina over a year ago. She has a beautiful website and helps Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business owners create a beautiful and successful blog. I’ve been stalking her content and learning as much as I can, which I highly recommend you do as well.

Yami is a work-at-home Mom as well. She’s been blogging for over 4 years and has learned a thing or two about what not to do and what is a good thing to do. I love this quote!

The number one mistake bloggers make is that they don’t look at their blog as if it were a business from day 1.​ – Yami

Yami offers a FREE Ultimate Blog Post Checklist that is, in my opinion, Awesome! When you hop over to the Boss Latina, I highly recommend you sign up for her Newsletter and download your freebie!

Recently, Yami decided to offer beautiful Posh Stock images!

Sign up and get 10 FREE Posh Stock Images and then Join her Membership {afflink} to get even more Girl Boss/Post Stock Images! 

I received my 10 freebies and wanted more so I joined up! You are going to love her images!

What’s better yet, Get 15% off any Posh Stock membership during the month of February with code STOCK15! You can’t lose!

And There You Have It! 

April and Yami are my two favorite Girl Bosses to Stalk, Engage With, Stalk Some More, Purchase From, and Collaborate With!

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I highly recommend you check out both of their websites, services, and products!

Disclosure: The below content contains Affiliate Links indicated by {afflink} which means if you decide to purchase a product or service, I will be compensated.

By the way, the featured images on this article are courtesy of the Boss Latina!


Seduce Them To Your Blog With the Help of These Two Girl Bosses