We all have blogging dreams. We want the best website. The best images. Perfect content.

And all the bells and whistles that include awesome plugins. But if you are not using WordPress.org, you are not getting all these things.

You may want them but may be afraid to take the leap to self-hosted. It’s not the money that’s stopping you. It’s the Fear of Losing your Content! 

Don’t Allow Fear of Losing Your Content Deter You from Your Dreams!

I hear it all the time when I’m helping a client migrate their site to WordPress.org. Whether they are moving from Blogger or WordPress.com, they need to know that they won’t lose any of their hard work.

I haven’t lost any yet.

Let’s Talk About Migration

Migration is the term used when one wants to move their entire blog (images, pages, and posts) to WordPress.org.

You may also hear others talk about “Transferring” your site to another web host.

Migration is a service that I offer my clients. It is actually a very good service because so many want to move but would rather have someone do it for them.

Depending on your web host, they may offer to “migrate” your blog for free. I know SiteGround is one that will do this. But if even the thought of that deters you from jumping, allow me to deal with SiteGround and let them move your site for free.

However, other web hosts like GoDaddy and Bluehost will charge up to $150 to migrate it for you. That’s more than double what I charge to migrate your site plus it could take longer!

Remember: Once you choose to Migrate your website to WordPress.org, you cannot use your old site or all content will not be transferred over.

The Process

The Migration Process begins once you and I discuss available options. If you haven’t already chosen a web host, I highly recommend using SiteGround.

Remember, SiteGround will migrate your site from Free when you sign up for hosting.

Don't Allow Fear of Losing Your Content Deter You from Your Dreams

If you hosting with another web host company and they don’t offer Free Migration, that is when you can ask for my assistance. I make the Migration as painless as I possibly can. You will be walking along with me during the migration process because I’ll request information that is sent directly to you. Such as:

  • WordPress.com export file
  • Hosting login and CPanel information
  • Domain transfer codes, if applicable

You will know the status of the Migration from beginning to end. During this time period, we will also chat about your web design dreams, if that is a service you chose.

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In general, transferring of a Blogger or WordPress.com blog to WordPress.org can be completed rather quickly. The time it takes to transfer your blog domain can take up to 5 days. However, I’ve never seen it take longer than 1 day or 2, and that include propagation.

Remember: There is a fee associated with Domain Transfer. SiteGround charges $14.95 for most domains, which includes 1 year free renewal.

Completion of the Migration and Domain Transfer

One your website has been migrated in its entirety to your new home on your self-hosted WordPress.org website and your domain has propagated, you or we can begin the process of setting up your new website.

This could include something as small as installing a Premium WordPress theme, SiteGround, or a complete Custom WordPress Web Design package.

Whatever it is that you may be seeking, don’t let Fear deter you. There are many people who are willing to help you if you simply reach out and ask.

I would love to hear from you! Have you migrated a website before and if so, how was the process? Quick and painless or major fail?

If you have migrated yet, are you willing to now?

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