Today, I’m pleased to bring you a special guest post by Mr. Blogging in Paradise himself!

4 Mistakes Made by Low Earning Bloggers

If you clicked on this title you may be beyond disgusted with your blogging income.

Come in close; I have a secret to share.

You are likely making 1 – or all – of these 4 mistakes.

I know. I made most of ‘em. At one time or another during my blogging career.

It wasn’t always about sipping coconut juice on Fijian beaches, ya know?

Biddulph almost bit the blogging big one before he bounced to Bali because of financial nightmares I experienced. But I eventually faced, embraced and released some silly willy errors I was making to right my blogging ship.

If you just cannot seem to blast through an earnings wall or if goose eggs greet your frustrated eyes every month when checking your blogging revenue honestly admit your errors.

Convert your blogging pain into profitable pleasure by identifying and correcting these 4 maddening mistakes.

1: Relying Solely on Ad Revenue to Pay the Bills

This mistake floors me.

Thank the gods I avoided this error.

Struggling bloggers tend to seek out low-paying opportunities. From a place of fear-based delusion, said strugglers attempt to force a full-time income through advertising streams.

Trying to earn a full-time, robust income through ad revenue for a struggling blogger is like trying to decapitate Godzilla with a blunted butter knife. It’s like trying to slay King Kong with spitballs. It’d be like if I tried to complete my recent journey from Bangkok to NYC riding a paper airplane.

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You cannot generate substantial, full-time blogging revenue through advertising until you drive thousands upon thousands of targeted visitors to your blog.

You cannot earn that sweet advertising income until thousands of folks click on your penny payout ads, over the course of a month.

Once you run a successful blog for 2 to 3 years advertising revenue may yield a lucrative income stream for you. Until then, create helpful products and services for your readers. Publish online courses. Write and self-publish eBooks for Amazon. Convert those eBooks into audiobooks. Become a consultant. Coach. Offer freelance services.

Make real money through your blog by providing something useful. Build your brand. Boost your profits.

2: Poor Response Time through Email and Social Media

Guilty as charged on this one.

During lean years I was not responsive on social media and through email. I secretly believed nobody was hiring me or buying my stuff anyway so I self-sabotaged in this regard.

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Move in the opposite direction; be responsive.

No need to check your email every 5 minutes but popping in 3 to 5 times daily helps you to form bonds and grow your business.

Ditto on social media. Check Twitter and Facebook at least 2 to 3 times every day to field questions, to answer questions and to book sessions with clients.

3: Doing Zero Mindset Work

Low earning bloggers are allergic to money. Money allergies root themselves in silly limiting beliefs you cling to regarding money.

Struggling bloggers generally do zero mindset work, ignoring the root of their problems. No matter how hard you work you can’t outfox your predominant energy.

I worked myself to the bone. For years. I still struggled financially. But when I doubled down on raising my energy by meditating, visualizing, praying and affirming I allowed more money into my experience.

4 Mistakes Made by Low Earning Bloggers

As within, so without.

Meditate, visualize or pray on waking. Exercise for 60 minutes daily. Engage in personal development to allow your money limiting beliefs to arise. Face, embrace and release these energies. Align yourself with profitable ideas and successful bloggers who will help to boost your blogging income.

4: Hanging with Tire Kickers Versus the High Rollers of the Blogging World

Bloggers struggling to earn a dime usually surround themselves with fellow struggling bloggers.

You can’t learn how to make money blogging by mimicking bloggers who aren’t making money with their blogs.

Feel free to form bonds with aspiring bloggers. But pick 3 to 5 prospering, successful, experienced pro bloggers to learn how to earn more money.

A guy like John Chow can teach you how to make money blogging. Comment on his blog. Share his posts on Twitter. Pop up on his radar and on his reader’s radar. Earn more income by doing as successful bloggers do and being as successful bloggers are being.

Your Turn

What other mistakes can you add to this list?

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Ryan Biddulph


Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.