A Beautiful Blog, a Great Coach, Social Media Know-How, a Wordsmith, a WordPress Guru, a Creative Web Designer and/or Developer, a Blogging Expert, and a Community of Fantabulous Folks!

I’m fortunate enough to have several of these Jack’s and Jill’s of All Trades in my Community. We thrive on helping one another out and love sharing our tricks of the trade with whoever will listen.

But, me having those connections don’t necessarily help you out.

What Do You Do When You Need Help?

Do you sulk in a corner and dream about having a posse to call out to when you need it? Or do you search the web high and low for answers and Influencers who can show you the way?

If you are in any type of Blogging, Business, Coaching, or just need a buddy need, you’ve come to the right place!

You don’t want miss out on this opportunity!

But before I dive into the details, if you’ve been a long time follower of Virtual Bren, you make have noticed my site looks a tad bit different, no? You didn’t notice? What rock have you been hiding under?

Here’s my new Logo. I think it needs just a few more touch ups. What do you think?

My latest project inspired me to revamp and rebrand my own site.

Amanda, of Amanda-Bella.com, migrated her blog from WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress.org. Not only is her new website gorgeous, but her logo is absolutely adorable! The Amanda-Bella logo was created by Crafted by Anamarie. I highly recommend you click over to her site and check out her services!

Working with Amanda was flawless. I have to say, it was an absolute pleasure.

Let’s take a quick peek at her site. Go ahead. Click the image.

Amanda Bella Website

Amanda’s theme was created by BluChic. One of my favorite WordPress Developers. BluChic’s themes are easy to customize and comes complete with a stunning and user-friendly dashboard! With the help of my Migration, Install and Setup Packages, we were able to Create Amanda’s Vision in no time. If I may say so myself, it looks absolutely spectacular!

So, a huge shout-out to my girly, @_AmandaBella & Congratulations on a smooth #blog launch!Click To Tweet

Alright, Back to Getting Help!

Check this out!What's the One Thing Girl Bosses Should Always Have?

Thank you to Cori Ramos of Not Now Mom’s Busy for hosting this Awesome Extreme Blog Makeover Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a blogging resource bundle that includes a basic redesign of their blog, a customized header/logo and a blog review.

The winner will also receive a virtual library of resources to drive traffic to your blog, how to rock on social media, boost your blog, how to blog smart and build an online community through blog commenting and how to set up important reports and plugins for your WordPress blog.

But that’s not all. The winner also gets a spot on Sarkemedia’s M.A.P.S. program, one month of social shares to promote your blog and a coaching session to put you in the right mindset and align your business with your passion.

Thanks to these awesome bloggers for contributing their product or service:

Donna of Donna Merrill’s Tribe

Lisa of Inspire To Thrive

Jenny of Confetti Social

Corinne of Corinne Kerston.com

Lorraine of Wording Well

Janice of Mostly Blogging

Sarah of Sarkemedia

Susan of SusanVelez.com

Ryan of Blogging From Paradise

Bren of Virtual Bren

Daniella of I Like To Dabble

Extreme Blog Makeover Giveaway Hosted by Not Now Moms Busy

The giveaway runs from June 1, 2017, through June 30, 2017

Open to everyone – but some restrictions apply*. See terms and conditions on giveaway form for details.

A Prize package is worth $1619.00!

BUT, You have to Enter to Win!

There’s nothing to lose! Just plug in your information and wait to hear from Cori!

This is an absolutely Amazing #Blog #Makeover #Giveaway that even I would die for!Click To Tweet

 I think I’ll enter myself. 🙂

Don’t forget to tell your friends and Good Luck!

Go ahead! Did you Enter?

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What's The One Thing that Girl Bosses Should Always Have? #Giveaway