When I first started my business back in 2015, the initial reason was to start building so I could work from home. Although, sometimes plans don’t go as we expect and sometimes plans will change.

During the building of my business, I started to realize how much I enjoyed helping others with the blogs and websites. I remember back to 2010 when I first started blogging and wish that I had someone to point me in the right direction. However, I didn’t. What I learned was through trial and error. One of the best ways that I can learn.

Fast forward to 2017 and I am ecstatic about helping others. Many of my clientele are new to blogging and WordPress. As I create the vision they want for their website, I’m also creating video to show the step by step how to do certain tasks. I don’t want my client’s to be dependant on someone for the rest of their blogging career. Whatever they can learn to do on their own will make them that much better.

3 Reasons Why I Love Helping Others

3 Reasons Why I Love Helping Others


Let’s take a look at Why I love helping others.

Having a Client Who is Elated with the Completed Project

Making someone happy because you created what they saw in their head is a great feeling. Although I don’t Skype with my clients, I can feel their enthusiasm via our emails and text conversations. Client Testimonials are key in any business so if you can get them, do it! Just knowing that I put a smile on just one client’s face is definitely worth it.

Teaching a Client

Like I said previously, showing the client how to do something on their website is a huge in my book. If a client asks, I will do it for them, however, I also want them to learn how to do for themselvesย if they are willing. My client’s don’t always want to know how because they would rather focus on the business side of their blog with content and networking versus the backend stuff. Because of these tedious tasks, I offer a Monthly Blog Management Service which allows the client to not worry about maintenance, customizations, etc. They entrust their blogs/websites with me and simply ask questions along the way.

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Doing Something I’m Passionate About

I’m a firm believer in you live a happier life when you are doing something you’re passionate about. I enjoy my side-hustle. I love being creative. It gives me a great sense of achievement knowing that I’m basically 100% self-taught and I’m kicking it! Allowing my passion to flow to someone’s website or blog is in itself, a Win-Win situation.

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Let’s Meet Some of My Favorite Entrepreneurs

Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive – Lisa loves helping other with Social Media, and more specifically, with Twitter. She finds the latest and greatest new tools and features for social media applications. She’s in it to Inspire!

Donna Merrill of Donna Merrill Tribe – Donna is definitely a leader in the industry. She dabbles in Social Media, Blogging, and Attraction Marketing. Yes, Keywords! Donna is the Queen of Keywords and is an awesome Coach. If you ever decide you want to chat about where you are in your blogging journey and how you can further yourself, give Donna a try!

Cori Ramos of Not Now Mom’s Busy – Cori and I go way back in the blogging world. She started out sharing a wealth of knowledge of how to find work-at-home jobs. Although she continues to do this, she has expanded her services to include: WordPress Web Design, Graphics, and Coaching. She’s definitely one who you can learn a lot from!

3 Reasons Why I Love Helping Others


Ravi Chahar of Blogging Love – Ravi is such an Influencer in my eyes. He shares his knowledge of WordPress and Blogging in an easy to understand way. His written tutorials are phenomenal! Ravi is also a WordPress Web Developer and can create you a site in no time! If you’re still learning about WordPress or want to learn more, I highly recommend you head over and Subscribe to his newsletter. Guaranteed to get you hooked!

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Ryan Biddulph of Blogging in Paradise – Ryan really needs no introduction. He is a master in the blogging world and can scare the bejesus out of you with his pictures of paradise! Ryan has a slew of Ebooks and Courses to help you on your way to blogging in paradise. His sense of humor and the way he presents himself and his content is one of the things I love most about Ryan. He’s super friendly and loves to help others achieve their ultimate bad selves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are So Many More!

The blogging world is full of Influencers who just want to help. Like me, they are driven by the passion and their need to help others. Heed my warning though, they are also those out there that will scam you into thinking they have your best interests at heart and don’t. Be careful!

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What about You?

What is it that drives you to help others? Passion? Money? Let’s chat about it!


3 Reasons Why I Love Helping Others