You Just Cant Be Everywhere All The Time

No matter how hard we try, it’s just not feasibly possible to be on every Social Media network out there!

Let me correct myself, it may be possible, however, you would not have time to tend to:

  • your blog
  • your business
  • write blog content
  • promotions
  • other personal obligations

Which means, your business and/or blog could quite possibly fail!

It’s Not Possible!

So don’t beat yourself up!

I remember when I first started to blog, some 7+ years ago, we were told to set up an account on all social media networks, promote your business or content, and network.

If you were like me, you did what the “so-called” pros said and quickly learned about Blogging Burnout!

That can quickly lead to frustration with blogging and ultimately end in quitting.

Don’t Do It

What I found works best for me is to analyze peek at your Google Analytics or the Jetpack Site Stats on your blog and see where most of your traffic is coming from.  From this, you can Learn Which Social Media Networks Work Best For You.

Go ahead! I dare you to peek!

Alright, now that you peeked at your analytics or stats, what did you find?

I chose my top 3 traffic resources and focused on them solely. Hell, I work full-time, have a side hustle, family, needy pups, and like to have a bit of fun! I can no way be on more than 3 networks at once! I just can’t handle it!You Just Cant Be Everywhere All The Time

There’s Many Out There

But again, don’t let anyone tell you that you need to do them all! Tell them they need to get a life because if they are doing all of them, they can’t have a life! Ok, maybe, but I’d really like to know when they sleep and have fun!

Your Stats Can Change

Don’t just look at your traffic stats this once, because they are ever-changing. At one time I was receiving a lot of traffic from Flipboard. But then, it died off. Probably because I quit sharing to it as it was just a phase I was going through. Instagram picked up for a bit then, like Flipboard slowly died off.

My constants have always been Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or Stumbleupon. I chose to focus mainly on Facebook and Twitter. To this day, I generate business from both and have built a fairly large following. I like to interact with friends, clients, business associates, entrepreneurs and more on both platforms so why not boost the heck out of my content and yours?

If it works, just do it!

Your Take From This

Select a few traffic generators and focus on them.

Build up your following and engage with like-minded people.

Think of community and get building that!

We can’t-do it all on our own so let’s allow social media and our community to help us as much as possible.

Of course, don’t be a selfish mutt!

Be generous in your offerings.

Promote other content.

Engage with others about their niche.

And just simply talk to folks!

Remember, We Can’t Be Everywhere

All the time so quit trying to!

You don’t need to.

It’s not going to do you any good but burns you out.

Pick a few and go with it!

Don’t Agree With Me?

Let’s hear about your techniques. What could you add to the topic that may be helpful to our readers?

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No matter how hard we try, it's just not feasibly possible to be on every Social Media network out there! 

Let me correct myself, it may be possible, however, you would not have time to tend to:

your blog, your business, write blog content, promotions, other personal obligations