I'm Bren and I love to help out others! Putting a smile on someone's face because I helped them achieve their goals and/or dreams is my mission. If you are looking to start a blog, revamp or blog, or just need help to manage your blog, Contact Me today and let's discuss it!

3 Reasons Why I Love Helping Others

3 Reasons Why I Love To Help Others

When I first started my business back in 2015, the initial reason was to start building so I could work from home. Although, sometimes plans don’t go as we expect and sometimes plans will change. During the building of my business, I started to realize how much I enjoyed helping others with the blogs and […]


My Top 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins

My Top 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins

As WordPress users, we all love to know what the best plugins are and what they can do for us. I know you’ve read many articles about Highly Recommended Plugins, Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Use, See Why 6 Awesome Plugins Help Online Blogging for You, and so many others and I still wanted to […]


What’s The One Thing that Girl Bosses Should Always Have?

What's the One Thing Girl Bosses Should Always Have?

A Beautiful Blog, a Great Coach, Social Media Know-How, a Wordsmith, a WordPress Guru, a Creative Web Designer and/or Developer, a Blogging Expert, and a Community of Fantabulous Folks! I’m fortunate enough to have several of these Jack’s and Jill’s of All Trades in my Community. We thrive on helping one another out and love sharing our tricks of […]