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WordPress Blog Migration / Blogger to Migration

When we first think about blogging, we may not have the funds available for self-hosting your own website. This is why many start out on However, when the blog starts growing and the blogger starts thinking about monetizing (making money), then it’s time to move to your own self-hosted server.

You will notice that I recently added a Note to the package inclusions. Recently, I’ve experienced two (2) Migrations that did not go smoothly. One was a to and the other was a Squarespace to (of which I did not do the migration). In both instances, the images did not export nor did the files copy over with SiteGround migrated the Squarespace.

I need to stress the importance of having a backup copy of all the images on your blog before you request this migration service. Otherwise, we will spend a lot of time and money downloading each individual image, uploading to and reinserting into your posts.


The Migration package includes:

  • Downloading (Exporting) your content and pages, from
  • Uploading (Importing) your content and pages to your self-hosted
  • Note:  Images are no longer importing with the Migration. Please be sure to have a download of all your images used on the blog you are migrating over. This saves a lot of time, frustration, and additional costs.

Rates Start at:  $55.00


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