Don’t Let the Blogging Bug Blind You

It’s so easy to let it happen. We get consumed with the idea of blogging and sharing our thoughts and expertise, that we lose track of “Life” itself. Don’t Let the Blogging Bug Blind You When you start blogging, you’re on a mission. You’ve probably already stalked a bazillion blogs and have an idea what […]


You’re Seeing It Here For the First Time Ever

Got your attention? I tell you what, an Awesome headline will get me every time! So, don’t feel bad. We all have a story A story of how we became the Blogger we are today. We may have started blogging for a different reason than what we currently have, but either way, there is a story. This […]


Quick 5: How to Create a Blog

Oh Gawd! Another How to Create a Blog post? Seriously? Yes, but hear me out! Everyone has their own take on the steps you should take, right? But have you heard my version? *This post contains Affiliate Links, which means if you purchase the product or service, I will receive compensation. Quick 5: How To […]


3 Things To Do When You Get The Blogging “Blues”

It happens to the best of us. We get so wrapped up in our jobs, family, and other priorities. The pressure to produce great content, networking with others, and promotion can be a major downer! Combine them together and you get the Blogging “Blues”! 3 Things To Do When You Get The Blogging “Blues” As […]


I Have a Hate-Hate Relationship with Newsletters

I’m not sure why it is, it just is! I’ve tried many times to have a great newsletter. Ok, let me correct that. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to have a good email. I can get people to subscribe, however, getting them to Open the email and Click over to the site is another story in itself. […]


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