Customize Your Monthly Plan

CUSTOMIZE YOUR MONTHLY PLAN WITH VIRTUAL BRENLet’s face it. Sometimes you just need a little extra help with your blog or business and you just don’t know where to turn.

By customizing your own plan, based on your blog or business needs, we can help you!

If the Blog Management/Maintenance Plan is not exactly what you’re looking for, but you would love to have someone to consult with or “on retainer” per say to help you when you most desperately need it, this is the plan for you!

Example Plans:


You love writing blog content for your website, however, finding the right images to go with your content can be a tedious thing. Add in the fact you need to make sure the images are the correct sizes for Social Media!

What about consistency? Do you find that your images are all over the place and you’d rather use a “branding” template for them? Having images in uniformity can help build your brand and help you be recognized more easily across social media networks.

Let us create your images! Let’s choose the colors, fonts, and a rough estimate of the monthly amount of images you need and go from there!


You don’t know WordPress very well and often finding yourself wanting to make alterations but unsure how. If you look around online for someone to assist you, they could charge you an arm and a leg!

This plan is great for those who want to learn but just don’t have the time or those who really have no desire to learn and don’t mind paying a teeny bit of money to keep their dream vision of their blogs!


You found a plugin with a feature you wanted for your blog but when you installed it, something went terribly wonky! Oh no! Finding a techy person to help you with this “minor**” technicality could drive you crazy! Keep us on “retainer” and we can make your “minor” emergencies disappear!

Having someone “in your pocket” to help you with your minor fubar’s can be the piece of mind you need to help you focus on your content and products versus the crazy!


Starter Coaching – You want to blog and you have one but you are stumbling with publishing and/or formatting your content; setting up widgets; and/or making minor alterations to your website. Let us help walk you through the process! We can help you one-on-one with issues that come up.

Unsure why a plugin is no longer working? Let us help you figure it out! That way, next time you’ll know how to resolve the issue!

Need help setting up the features of a plugin? We get this a lot of setting up Instagram, Jetpack, Social Warfare just to name a few.

Let’s devise a monthly plan that works for you so you can ease your mind!

What do you have to lose?

No matter how large or small your needs may be, we want to help!  Contact Us today and create your very own customized monthly plan!


*This plan is only valid with signed Contract. Minimum of 3-months.

**Minor technicalities. Does not include blowing up of your blog or Database errors, unless customized as such. 

Rates start at:  $50.00 per Month


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