You Want to Create a Blog, Now What?

You will read many posts telling you what you should do AFTER you’ve created a blog, however, only find a few that will tell you what to do BEFORE you start blogging. Today, this is just what I want to talk to you about. Where do you start? As someone who created numerous blogs on […]


Learn Which Social Media Networks Work Best for Your Business

If you missed my previous post What Can Social Media Do For Your Small Business, I highly recommend you read it before you proceed any further. It’s No Surprise Facebook is the leading Social Media Network, or is it? I think Facebook is more user-friendly and allows you to connect with friends and family. Networking with […]


Landing Your First Client With Caution

  Entering the world of Freelancing and/or Virtual Assisting is a huge decision. The continuous struggle to find a Client or Clients who are interested in what you have to offer can be quite nerve-racking. However, so many people are doing it today, you know it can happen. You need to build your plan and […]


What Can Social Media Do For Your Small Business

What Can Social Media Do For Your Small Business Where I live is almost like the stone ages. Small Companies in my town are not quite with the times when it comes to Social Media. They don’t understand the power of a Tweet or a Facebook update. So how can we tempt them with the […]