What Do You Do When You Don’t Have Time to Write Content?

What Do You Do When You Don't Have Time to Write Content?

It’s inevitable. When you least expect it or want it to, Life happens. Unfortunately, part of the downside of being a business owner is that sometimes we can’t devote all our time to it. We all have other priorities, such as: Family obligations Another job, especially if your business is a side hustle Health or Medical issues […]


It’s Time To Let You In on a Little Secret!

I’m probably going against all the rules of being a Web Designer, but I just have to put this out there. Over the past several months, I have been seeing many newbie bloggers being taken advantage of. These new bloggers are less than knowledgeable about designing their own themes. Let alone, taking a premade theme […]


How Do You Know When Your Website Goes Down?

As business owners and bloggers, it’s imperative that our sites are functional and visible 100% of the time. Even the smallest amount of downtime or inaccessibility to our websites can hinder our sales and potentially new readers. Don’t Let It Happen To You If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know […]


Helping Startups and Small Businesses is My Reward

In the business world, is there anything better than assisting another small business or startup? By working together on projects, not only to you receive the satisfaction of helping someone else, but they appreciate the partnership! My business is a little over a year old now and I have to admit, I’ve learned a lot along […]


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