Helping Startups and Small Businesses is My Reward

In the business world, is there anything better than assisting another small business or startup? By working together on projects, not only to you receive the satisfaction of helping someone else, but they appreciate the partnership! My business is a little over a year old now and I have to admit, I’ve learned a lot along […]


It’s Time to Flush Out 2016 and Welcome In 2017

As 2016 nears its end, it’s time to start thinking about our Goals for 2017. Whether you’re a Blogger, Freelancer, or Entrepreneur, having a game plan can help ease the transition into the New Year. When I sit back and look at the past year, especially in my new business, I reflect on what I […]


Go and Live Your Dreams – Introducing “Market”

Hot off the Press, my friends! If you’ve been thinking about reviving your blog with a new theme, check out the latest from Restored 316! Disclosure: The below content contains Affiliate Links for my Partners, Restored 316 and StudioPress. This means, if you decide to purchase this theme, I will receive a small referral fee. […]


3 Awesome Ways to Overcome an Unalluring Blog

I believe at some point in our blogging careers, we become less than happy with the appearance of our blog. Trust me, I’ve been blogging for over 6 years and I do this almost quarterly with each of my blogs! When I complete a blog design, I’m super excited. It may not be everything I […]


Do You Ever Wonder How They Do It All?

Do You Ever Wonder How They Do It All

“They” as in Bloggers. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones you always see on social media and publishing blog posts on a daily basis. How do they do it? Most of these Bloggers have a family, a job, and other priorities yet they continue to have an online presence! Do you ever wonder why […]


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