You’re Seeing It Here For the First Time Ever

You're Seeing It Here For the First Time Ever

Got your attention? I tell you what, an Awesome headline will get me every time! So, don’t feel bad. We all have a story A story of how we became the Blogger we are today. We may have started blogging for a different reason than what we currently have, but either way, there is a story. This […]


A Day in the Life of a Blogger

  Despite what some may think, the Life of a Blogger can be hard work. Our brains are always working in overdrive thinking of blog post ideas, creating graphics, making sure we pass Google’s regulations, and so much more! A Day in the Life of a Blogger Some start blogging without any clue of what […]


Blog Essentials – You Must Have a Way to Subscribe

Now that we’ve: Decided Why We Want to Blog Chose Our Blogging Platform Named Our Blog and Obtained a Domain It’s time to learn about a few Essentials for your new site! Blog Essentials If you have been reading blogs already, you may notice an abundance of options located in the Sidebars and Footers. Sidebar […]

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