One Quick and Easy Way to Optimize Your Images

I’ve been thinking a lot about images lately and the best options to create them. You may remember my previous post, 5 Awesome Ways to Help You Create Like a Pro? In that article, I discussed my favorite image editors and creators. All of the applications I mentioned Canva Phonto BeFunky Pixlr Paint can help you […]


5 Awesome Ways to help you Create like a Pro

We’re taught as Freelancers, Bloggers, and Entrepreneurs that Visuals sell. These Visuals can come in the form of a Video, Infographic, or Image. Today I want to take the opportunity to share 5 Awesome Ways you can Create Images like a Pro! Mind you, I know there are many DIY applications out there, but these are […]


Let’s Get Personal, Shall We? All Work and No Play….

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years now and like to think I’ve seen a variety of hobby and business blogs. Some are very elaborate and well-detailed, while others are like a blank slate. There are business blogs that are strictly business. You know what the person is offering or selling but never really get […]


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