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You Just Can’t Be Everywhere All The Time!

You Just Cant Be Everywhere All The Time

No matter how hard we try, it’s just not feasibly possible to be on every Social Media network out there! Let me correct myself, it may be possible, however, you would not have time to tend to: your blog your business write blog content promotions other personal obligations Which means, your business and/or blog could quite possibly […]


Virtual Assistants: We’re Not Your Daddy’s Old Secretary

Virtual Assistants: We're Not Your Daddy's Old Secretary

A Virtual Assistant can be many things to many different people. When I tell people I’m a Virtual Assistant or a VA as I like to refer to, they ask “What is that?” If you Google or Bing “Virtual Assistant” you’ll also find many different definitions, especially if you’re landing directly on a VA’s website. […]


Learn Which Social Media Networks Work Best for Your Business

Learn Which Social Media Networks Work Best For You

  If you missed my previous post What Can Social Media Do For Your Small Business, I highly recommend you read it before you proceed any further. It’s No Surprise Facebook is the leading Social Media Network, or is it? I think Facebook is more user-friendly and allows you to connect with friends and family. Networking […]


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