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An Ambitious Girl Boss will Always Shine

An Ambitious Girl Boss Will Always Shine

Over the past several years, my business has evolved from Virtual Assisting to Web Design and Blog Management. I had a game plan when I initially started, but as you know, our plans can change as we feel fit. Plan One Create a virtual business where I can help Entrepreneurs with their needs. This mainly […]


Let’s Get Personal, Shall We? All Work and No Play….

Let's Get Personal, Shall We? All Work and No Play

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years now and like to think I’ve seen a variety of hobby and business blogs. Some are very elaborate and well-detailed, while others are like a blank slate. There are business blogs that are strictly business. You know what the person is offering or selling but never really get […]


If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try and Try Again


Sometimes I’m a little bit slow at figuring things out, like when I decided to start building a business. I had huge plans to create this work-at-home business based on Virtual Assisting. You see, I’ve spent 28+ years as an Administrative Assistant so why couldn’t I just do that at home? Welcome to Reality It […]


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