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My Top 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins


As WordPress users, we all love to know what the best plugins are and what they can do for us. I know you’ve read many articles about Highly Recommended Plugins, Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Use, See Why 6 Awesome Plugins Help Online Blogging for You, and so many others and I still wanted to […] Read more…

What’s The One Thing that Girl Bosses Should Always Have?

A Beautiful Blog, a Great Coach, Social Media Know-How, a Wordsmith, a WordPress Guru, a Creative Web Designer and/or Developer, a Blogging Expert, and a Community of Fantabulous Folks! I’m fortunate enough to have several of these Jack’s and Jill’s of All Trades in my Community. We thrive on helping one another out and love sharing our tricks of […] Read more…

It’s Time To Let You In on a Little Secret!

I’m probably going against all the rules of being a Web Designer, but I just have to put this out there. Over the past several months, I have been seeing many newbie bloggers being taken advantage of. These new bloggers are less than knowledgeable about designing their own themes. Let alone, taking a premade theme […] Read more…

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