WordPress.com / WordPress.org Install and Setup



So, you want to Blog but you aren’t sure if it’s really for you? Why not try out FREE WordPress.com!

This package includes:

  • Setup your new WordPress.com blog, including domain. Custom domain if you so chose.
  • Chose a Free WordPress.com theme that is available in their Theme Directory.
    If you so chose a Premium Theme, that cost will be paid by you, the Client.
  • Setup your blog widgets and pertinent items such as Subscriptions,
    Share Buttons, Navigation Menu, etc.
  • Answer any additional questions you may have.
  • Custom Header Optional:  Add $15.00

Rates start at:  $75.00


*Before the install and setup can happen, you must have a Web Hosting plan.  I highly recommend SiteGround {Afflink} to all my Clients. It’s affordable, great Customer and Technical Service, and fairly easy to work behind the scenes. You can Sign Up by clicking the {Afflink} above.

After you’ve secured your Web Host, now we can get started. This package includes:

  • Signup for Web Hosting (paid by you, the Client).
  • Install WordPress.org to your shared server.
  • Choose a Theme for your blog. Most already have one chosen
    by the time they get this far.
    However, I can help you find adorable and reasonably priced
    themes if you’d like.
  • Install a Free (not recommended) or Premium Theme
    (paid by you, the Client) your new WordPress.org blog.
  • Install Security plugin that’s needed to protect your blog.
  • Configure Five (5) Widgets (Email Subscribe, Social Icons,
    Recent Posts, and Two more of your choice).
  • Plan can be Customized depending on your needs for an additional cost.

Rates start at:  $75.00


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