The use of mobile apps by people for a wide range of services has increased exponentially over the years.

In fact, mobile apps have become one of the largest consumer ecosystems and it is likely to touch the mind-boggling $ 6.3 trillion mark by the year 2021.

If you want any services online, then you can get them through a highly interactive mobile app.

Thanks to their huge popularity, hundreds of new mobile apps offering a myriad range of services are launched every day that continuously challenge the dominance of existing players through their unique design and highly engaging services.

The companies develop mobile apps to enhance their business reach to mobile users.

Millions of people around the world are using smartphones, and if you wish to engage with this huge market, then you need to develop a dedicated mobile app for your business.

You should research some of the trending app ideas in the world to understand what kind of mobile apps works in the market.

Top 15 Most Downloaded Apps In The World


When we talk about social networking websites, then we have to mention the granddaddy of them all, Facebook. This app has more than 2.4 billion active users around the world.

If you are interested to know some of the popular app ideas regarding social networking apps, then look at Facebook, which is considered the gold standard in this field.

Facebook allows users to share photos, videos, articles, and others in a seamless manner.

This app is available on all major mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and others.

Facebook Messenger:

Although Facebook Messenger is a part of the Facebook app, it offers standalone messaging services to Facebook users.

Facebook created this app to offer its customers a powerful messaging tool with a wide range of features.


When we talk about messaging apps, then it is important to mention the name WhatsApp, which is occupying the pole position in this segment for many years.

The popularity of this app which has more than 1.5 billion active users globally stems from its simple design and a wide range of features that allow the users to experience a highly engaging messaging experience through video calling, audio calling, emoji, status, and so on.


This mobile app with around 1 billion users is designed as a photo-sharing and social networking application.

Since its launch, the administrator of Instagram has continuously evolved the mobile app to ensure that it offers high-quality services that include different image formats and multiple filters that enable users to post beautiful pictures online and share them with their friends.


This is another popular social networking and messaging app that is designed only for mobile users.

Snapchat users can use this powerful messaging app to not only send messages, but also short videos and photos.

UC browser:

A large number of mobile phone users use the UC browser to get the best browsing experience online.

This browser is available both as a full-fledged as well as a mini version online (the mini version is for those phones with limited memory).

It is popular because it is highly compatible with most of the smartphones that are available in the market today and offers a fast browsing experience to its users.


With more than 2 billion active users, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing and viewing application in the world.

It works both on mobile as well on desktop with equal ease and offers its customers an exciting viewing experience.

On this social media platform, you will find the largest number of videos on almost every subject under the sky.

It also offers its users a chance to monetize their videos so that they can earn by posting their content on YouTube.


If you look at all the location-based cab hiring apps, you will find that they have in one way or another inspired by the pioneer in this field; Uber.

This app allows the user to hire cabs, bikes as well as share pool car services both for local as well as outstation transportation.

It offers a safe and cost-effective transportation option to its users.


This app has provided a viable solution for mobile users who wants to share large audio, video, and image files through Wi-Fi-compatible mobile/laptop devices with another.

Like all other successful apps, it also runs on all the popular platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and others.

Google Search:

Anyone who has ever browsed the Internet is quite familiar with Google Search. Now, this service is offered through a dedicated mobile app.

This app allows users to use Google Search for news, blogs, and images online.

An advanced version of this app called Google Now is also available.

Google Play:

Any Android smartphone user who have downloaded any app online is familiar with Google Play.

This is the official mobile app store of Google, wherein you will find thousands of apps that are compatible with different versions of Android-powered smartphones.

This app allows the user to look at both free as well as paid apps.

Google Maps:

Whether you want to travel in your own city or go to another state or country, Google Maps will help you find the right address without error.

This app uses the inbuilt GPS of the mobile phone to offer location-based navigation, information regarding real-time traffic, local place search as well as lane guidance to its users.

Among various location-based mobile apps available in the market, an overwhelming 87% use Google Maps to find the addresses they are looking for.


This is the most used email application in the world. This service launched by Google has a dedicated mobile app that can run on all popular platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and others.

Amazon Mobile:

If you look at the statistics relating to online buyers, then you will find that a vast majority of them use the Amazon mobile app to buy or sell goods online.

The Amazon mobile app offers users the same experience that they will get when they use their website.


Netflix has completely revolutionized online entertainment for its global audience.

It allows its subscribers to see online video streaming, movies, TV series, and other content both on their smartphones as well as on their laptops.

The amazing thing about this app is that it allows registered users to watch their favorite movies or videos at their convenience anywhere and at any time.

As people become more familiar with mobile apps and are assured of the security of their data, in the future you will witness even more people using mobile apps to connect online.

If you want your business to grow and improve your brand recognition, then designing a dedicated mobile app is the best way to go forward.