Amazon retail giant is one of the fastest-growing platforms. Since it accounts for 43 percent of all online sales, it should not be a surprise you are selling products here. Anyone can set up an account and start selling but standing out from the crowd and reaching out to more customers requires a great deal of work.

In today’s digital world, this is done through Amazon Search Engine Optimization. It boosts your product listing and the chances of conversion increase. To reach valuable leads who are interested in your products, stick to these Amazon SEO tips:

Choose Competitive Keywords 

Keywords are building blocks of digital success. Amazon’s keyword research is almost similar to traditional keyword research. Your focus must be on long-tail keywords containing 3 or more words. Other than this, the keywords must be relevant. Use keyword tools to search for relevant keywords and use them in your SEO campaign.

These keywords must be integrated into your product listing. Use them naturally in the product description and titles. This will make your products appear in the search results just like does in traditional keyword optimization. For instance, if your keyword is “marketing staffing agency” when a potential customer types it in Google, your website will appear in the search results. 

Work On Reviews 

In retail, customer reviews and ratings mean everything. A positive review can make a potential buyer choose your product and hit that buy now button. 

Those products appear in the top search results of Amazon that have a 4 or 5-star rating. Such products have ample positive reviews. How to get positive reviews? Encourage your buyers to leave feedback about their experience with the product.

There are good chances some buyers might leave negative feedback. This is a part of the process. Don’t get discouraged, simply respond to their needs. Offer them compensation if you can. This way, negative feedback won’t discourage future customers from buying your product. The way you respond to negative comments and reviews will make new buyers gain confidence in your product. Once the problem is addressed, the person who left negative feedback might leave another review telling how you took the time to resolve their issue. 

Optimize The Titles 

The formatting of your title will affect how and where they appear in the search results. Generally, you are required to follow this format for the product title:

Brand name – feature – material – the key ingredient – product type – model – size – color/flavor 

Everything might apply to all products. While optimizing the title, make sure the focus keyword comes first. People should be able to see the most relevant information first. Don’t worry if the title appears extra long. 

Optimize The Product Images 

The layout of the images plays an integral role in the purchase process. A buyer would always be interested to see the product from different angles. This helps in developing a better sense of the product. It also helps build trust since the product cannot be seen physically.

Use images larger than 1000 by 1000 pixels. Since Amazon has a zoom-in feature too, this would size would make it easier. You can also use images larger than the size mentioned earlier. The ability to zoom in lets a buyer analyze the product and examine its features. They will trust you more and the chances of converting will escalate. 

Adding large images does not directly impact Amazon SEO, it only improves the chances of converting.

Highlight Product Features With Bullets

Adding bullets in the product description is not just there for formatting purposes. It is a critical element to SEO and your sale at the same time. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to use keywords in bullets. They improve search ranking. 

Amazon has its guidelines for adding bullet points. The focus is to use them to highlight the main features of your product so that they get the attention of the buyer. If currently, your product description includes chunky paragraphs, it is suggested to change that ASAP and add bullets.

Add a Q&A Section

Customers are always on the lookout for more information about the product. Reviews just cover the experience of other customers. They don’t answer common questions buyers have in mind. 

To address this, every product listing on Amazon must have a Q&A section addressing the common concerns of customers. The answers must be up to date and thorough. These answers might convince a potential visitor to become a buyer.

Price Your Product Strategically 

Product affordability is always the customer’s concern. You might have a wonderful product to sell but it’s not performing well because of the price. To make sure you choose the best price, keep track of your competitors. Don’t overcharge and at the same time, don’t undersell.

Ready to drive more sales? Then start acting upon these Amazon SEO tips. You won’t have to do any hiring for small business management like this one. Along with these tips, think of ways to bring more traffic to your Amazon listings.