Instagram’s soaring success proves how nice promotion is social media market’s future. Social media thriving on visual content, like Instagram or Pinterest are blooming now, but only the former has scripted real history.

  • Its success story comes from the real platform it provides, not just for personal use, but also for all types of brands/businesses.
  • If you have a clothing brand, you need to determine your promotion strategy first. Before your campaign can start, you must plan it.
  • Firstly, create a business account and observe how your competitors’ profiles look like.
  • Use other companies’ experience for inspiration. Know your audience’s hook and things that make your subscribers visit your IG page.
  • Your account’s content is very crucial. Don’t forget the most eye-catching, the juiciest and the brightest pictures as they can propel your success.
  • Your task is to create an album that can resonate with your target audience. Know their sartorial choices, but before that, you need to know the fashion that’s trending.
  • Involve your followers and subscribers. Create a catchy storyline or bright story to showcase your clothing.

Telling Your Brand Story

Regardless of what you post on your IG account, ensure that you align it with your brand story. It must communicate with your audience in some way or the other.

  • If you want your folks to associate with a cool West Coast philosophy, a hipster lifestyle, or a chic appeal through your brand, then each of your posts needs to contain that hipster component in some shape or form.
  • Premier brands convey a message through each product.
  • Branding your photos is essential. When posting your fashion product or generic pictures, try and achieve a feel and look that’s consistent and firm throughout your IG updates.
  • You can achieve this through consistency in your filter use. You can also create a distinctive pattern that doesn’t depend on the standard filters. You can add a layer of transparencies as well.
  • A smart tactic is to post your product videos. Video content garners heavy engagement.
  • Shooting short clips of your fashion items on yourself on your models and post them on Instagram.
  • It will not only bring authenticity to your brand but also build a strong connection with your followers.
  • If you need more hits on your post, you can get free Instagram likes from licensed websites that provide organic followers and likes.

Using Instagram’s Features

The platform has released a plethora of new features, including the massively popular Stories that let you share current snapshots and moments of their lives. They disappear after one day.

  • The fun is unlimited for clothing brands. Brands with more than 10,000 followers have the leverage to unlock the famous swipe up feature.
  • It directs the ones watching your Story to swipe the screen. It will take them straight to a proper sales page (relevant).
  • You have tags like ‘want it now,’ ‘see it,’ ‘later’ for brands. Leading brands use the Swipe Up feature to enable viewers to go straight into their appealing new arrivals page.
  • Your customer can make an impulse purchase there.
  • One of the biggest directives of Instagram, when it comes to promoting your fashion business, is that you need to have the right influencers at the right place.
  • Customers have created one stop above the gamut of content, influencers. Businesses bring these extremely popular trendsetters and figures on board. They share your product lines.
  • This strategy provides your clothing brand with access to a relevant and already-established audience, bolstering their exposure and footprint in the fashion world.
  • There are some brands that have a whopping 85,000 influencers. They conduct marketing campaigns and directives in exchange for endorsements and free bracelets.
  • Your brand won’t have to pay anything to get the returns.

Facts On Fashion Brands On IG

The biggest fact is that fashion is one of the most popular and biggest industries on IG. On average, fashion brands receive approximately 16,000 likes and 100 plus comments per post.

  • For a small brand, just starting out, the first step is perfecting your pictures. Instagram is the realm of captivating photos.
  • People expect you to produce top-class content in your feed and that’s why and how things roll on this platform.
  • There are tools like Iconosquare that ensures your quality images have three essential elements.
  • Your pictures must have high resolution, they must tell a story, and they must visually fit into your brand theme.
  • Customer or audience engagement holds the key. After mastering the art of photography and utilizing hashtags to the hilt, your next step is to engage with folks using the same hashtags.
  • Like and comment on their pictures. You can ask for permission to share or repost their content, thus cultivating the UGC power on IG.
  • If they feature your product in a nice manner, or if a picture nicely blends with your feed’s mood, you’ve hit the bull’s eye.
  • You can give those accounts a public shoutout by mentioning and tagging them and showing your appreciation, gratitude, and love.
  • Concisely, you’re building a community or sphere of your own by engaging with your prospective customers.
  • Having a shoppable feed is important. Even if you have a spending brick and mortar shop, with an astounding display window overlooking a busy street, and have all the products inside in a perfect composition, you still need to attract eyeballs.
  • There has to be a way to make others watch your arrangement. Instagram operates in the same way. You need to provide a direct opportunity for people to shop.

A Summation

It’s crucial to create your identity and fashion brand. Instagram enables you to create a personal brand, which could a fashion magazine as well. Attracting the right followers is also important. There are two options or advertising your brand with influencer marketing or ads.

Many people build an organic and gradual fashion community by locating the right hashtags. You can also share your profile on social media accounts. Posting at the right time is equally pivotal because there’s futile to post when your followers are offline.

Author Bio

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.