If you contemplate deeply then you will see all over the world most of the people prefer first free services however it is good or bad. If I say For entertainment purpose, some of the people who does not want to buy a ticket to watch movie for their any reason like they have no time or they are lazy or something like that. For them the good news is here.  In this article I am going to describe you the best ever torrent site to download movies, game, TV series etc flawlessly and enjoy your day. You will also get daily and latest updated content. Torrentz2 search engine is the best for torrent download.


Torrentz2.eu is the one type of site how do I say you how beautiful it is? I know how you struggle to searching for download a movie or TV series or something. For this we want to share with you the experience that is unbelievable. I want from you please try this site so you will find the right way. Now I will tell you how to download from torrentz2 step by step.

Step 1


At first you need to download one app that is BitTorrent or UTorrent from anywhere, simply you can search it from Google and download it. In my suggestion you can download it from filehippo.com site. If you are android user you can download it from google play store.

Step 2


After download the BitTorrent or UTorrent , you have to install it . Then open the torrentz2.eu from your browser. Here you can see the search bar, so you can search your content here that you want to download or if you click on myTorrentz option there you can find latest movie list and also a search bar. So it will be better to click on myTorrentz option because some latest things up there so you don’t need to type those things that you want.

Additional Information :

For android user there is no problem, not to worry, it will work. In mobile network somehow when open the torrentz2.eu websites it shows blocked notification to user then you have to use it through VPN services that I have discussed another article. But For broadband user don’t have any issue of that.

Step 3


first you choose your search content suppose you type “avenger endgame” on your search bar then you will find the list of content so you have to pick the latest one from there with simply click on these item then it open a new page.

Step 4:

torrentz2 proxy list
bittorrent pop up screen

 Here you can see too many proxy servers that can redirect the page to download your content from there. So you have to choose any of them. Like ‘limetorrent.info’  its open the new tab where you can see ‘magnet download’ option so you have to click there then you see one pop up screen is there where you can download it . If you install BitTorrent it shows two option “open BitTorrent” and “cancel”.

Step 5


After click on “open BitTorrent” option, it open BitTorrent application then press ok to download it.


Most of the people disappointed about it. This is the easiest way to download your favorite things (like movie, game, TV series, songs) and enjoy your day without any pressure .