YouTube is a platform where you can watch videos or listen music . When it was build the goal was someone who share their experience video in this platform to show all over the world . But gradually it increases popularity and grab attention, Now it is the most popular video streaming website. YouTube is only allow users to watch videos but not directly download from there . Many users want to Download videos or save videos on their device from there so as to watch those videos without internet .

Here are some options you can choose from there for download YouTube video on your device.

At first i would like to discuss about without install video down loader app , it is better for them who do not want to install any other app for this purpose on their PCs. :

Most of the people know about this website but some of them who are not know to how to download YouTube video from using this website.

Follow this step and download the videos easily.

Step 1 :

sample video

First you have to open YouTube on your browser ( of course you know that because the topic is about YouTube videos download) and select any videos from there. Suppose you choose “Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro (Song) feat. Team 10 (Official Music Video)” and click on it.

Step 2 :

screenshot of YouTube

In this situation ( on playing ) you can see the link on your search bar on your browser then simply select the link and just copy it by pressing ‘Ctrl+c’ on your keyboard or right click on your mouse and choose the option “copy”.

Step 3 :

screenshot savefrom

Now open a ‘new tab’ on your browser and type , after hitting enter it redirect to and you can see there a long search bar with write “just insert link” so you have to paste that link by pressing ‘Ctrl+v’ on your keyboard or from mouse right click option and choose the option “paste”.

Step 4 :

screenshot savefrom 2

After paste the link it shows the thumbnail of that song with download button and beside the button you can chose the quality of the video and simply download the video.

Other Method:

screenshot YouTube video

When you open YouTube and choose to play a video song and watching the song then you can see the link of this song on search bar like ‘*** ‘. After that if you want to download it from here so you will need to type “ss” before YouTube in the link just like ‘*** ‘ then hit ‘enter’ button. so it is redirect to and you don’t need to do anything, you can simply download it.

Now with installing video down loader app.

you can install video down loader app on your PC as well as your mobile device.

Snaptube :

If you want to download YouTube videos on your mobile device so it is the best app to utilize it . you can’t find this on play store but simply download it from your browser and install the .apk file then open it and download the video which you want ,not only videos but also you will be able to download its music file.

Step 1:

Screenshot of snaptube download

Download Snaptube app from your mobile browser and install it on your mobile.

Step 2:

Open the app and touch on YouTube or simply search the song that you want to download. if you touch on YouTube button you can see a search bar there then you have to type the song name as you wish.

Step 3:

Then select the song and play it where you can see a left arrow in the yellow circle so you need to touch this button.

Step 4:

After touch this button you can find too many video or music quality option for download the file and touch the option which one you want to download,then you will find a download button in the bottom of the page, simply touch it and wait for a minute (depends on internet speed) .

Televzr :

There are so many down loader app in web but this is the best video down loader app for PC where you can download YouTube video and also you will be able to download Facebook & Twitter video easily by putting video link on it and it is faster than that of any other application .

Step 1:

screenshots of televzr app download

As the same way you need to download the Televzr application from your browser and install it on your PC. You can download it from given link

Step 2:

Screenshot of Televzr app

After install it ,you can see the app on your desktop as name of Televzr Lite. open it and may be it shows update notification so you have to update the app and also login with your gmail account. so now you have to click on “Download or add” button that is appear on upper left corner and you can see a long search bar where you have to paste the video link ( mentioned above )

Step 3:

screenshot of Televzr app download button
Screenshot of Televzr app download option

Then you will find the thumbnail of that song along with a ‘Download’ button. After click on download button it shows the quality of that video and you have to choose one option from there to start the download process.

After download the file you can find this video on your PCs ” Drive C: -Downloads – Televzr Downloads “


In this article you will find the simplest way to how to download YouTube video as well as Facebook and Twitter video . Once download or save the video on your device and watch it without connect to the internet so as to you can save your data. After reading this article you can easily download the videos.