The rapid growth of technology has not only brought new things into our lives but also created an expectation for the next one. Sony Interactive Entertainment has been introducing PlayStation after every few years. Although the last PlayStation, PS5 was released in 2020, people have already started to talk about the PS6. Therefore, the expectations are rising around the PS6, and certain rumors are coming out for the advanced technology of the upcoming PlayStation. So, if you are also wondering about the release date and features of the PS6, this article will help you provide important information regarding the next PlayStation.

PS6 Release Date

If we consider the release date of the past PlayStations, we can see that after every six to seven years, Sony has been releasing a new PlayStation.Therefore, even though it is just a year after the release of the last console, people have already started to fantasize about the next one. Sony has assured the trademark for the versions up to PS10. Thus, you don’t need to worry about whether PS6 will be released or not. We can also find that Sony has been introducing the slimmer version or redesigned version of the previous PlayStation console before the launch of the next console. Therefore, you can expect PS5 slim or PS5 pro around 2023 before the launch of the PS6.

In order to assume the expected PS6release date, let’s have a look at the release dates of the previous consoles in the following table:

Sl NoPlayStationRelease Date
1The Original PlayStation29th September 1995
2PS One or redesigned version of the original PlayStation7th July 2000
3PlayStation 224th November 2000
4Slimline Model of PS 22004
5PlayStation 323rd March 2007
6Slim Model of PS 32009
7Super Slim Model of PS 32012
8PlayStation 429th November 2013
9Slim Model of PS 42016
10Pro Model of PS 42016
11PlayStation 512th November 2020

From the table, we can notice two things-

  1. In most cases, the release dates have fallen in the later month of the year and there is a six- or seven-years gap between the launch of two PlayStations. Therefore, we can expect the PS 6 to come out in November 2026 or 2027.
  2. We can also have a pro or slim version of PS 5 before the launch of PS 6.

PS6 Price

If we take a look at the price of the last few consoles, we can see that the price was around $400 to $500 for the consoles. However, we don’t have any idea about how Sony will add extra features or any improvement to the next-generation PlayStation. Considering the market and extra features of the PS 6, we can only assume that the PS 6 price would be around $600. However, market competition is another factor that can influence the price of the next console.

PS6 Specs

When we think about PS6 specs, we can only imagine how PS6 will overshadow the current console in every feature. Considering the probable release date, we still have five to six years, and the way technology is developing, we can expect PS6 to come out with several significant user-friendly features. For instance, we can think of an 8K display by default for the next console. There can also be an SSD inside the PS6 and the six to eight times more powerful graphics chip than the PS5. Above all, fast loading times, smooth performance, and a huge memory for multitasking are the most essential features that we can imagine from the next PlayStation. We can also hope for more responsive control and a more capable CPU from the next console. As the release date will come closer, we will come to know more details of the design of the hardware.

PS 6 Features


Although it’s quite difficult to assume the features of the PS 6 due to continuous development in the technological field, we can only predict some features on the basis of hopes and technological growth.

Storage Improvement

We can expect Sony to make the internals of the next console more accessible so that we can swap out the hard drive. A bigger SSD inside the console can help us to smoothen our gaming experience.

Built-In Wireless

A wireless internet connection and wireless charging facility are some important features that all we want from the PS 6. Even though the USB-C standard of the PS 5 provides several advantages, it would be great to have wireless charging facilities for the controllers and accessories with a wireless adaptor in the console.

Upgradable Features

The PC gaming market is dealing with the problem of upgrading the components. Thus, we can hope that the new console will provide an upgradable facility for its memory, storage, and graphics.

Smaller Design

As PS 5 is tall, we also wish for a smaller design for the machine for the next PlayStation that can help us to keep the PS easily in our room.


It’s difficult to have a concrete idea about the next PlayStation from now. However, on the basis of the guesses and expectations, we have presented some predictions in this article. Let’s see what predictions of this article come true.


What is the release date of PS6?

Actually was first launched PlayStation by Sony in the year 1995. So it is confirmed that it will be released around 2025-2027.