We all know about VPN which means Virtual Private Network. When you block from accessing any websites and you need to access those sites by hook and crook then you have to use free VPN services to access. And also it protects your privacy, no doubt about this. There are some free or open VPN lists you can use it. If you afford to pay for a paid VPN service, you can use the service that gives you more security protection as you wish whichever one you choose.

In this article I am going to discuss free VPN services And also include the pricing of paid VPNs.

Here are some free VPN services as follows

Hide.Me :


If I discuss the easy use of VPN service, Hide.Me would be your first choice. It gives you long-term services because there are a “no logs” user policy which is a plus point from a privacy perspective. So this policy ensures your personal information won’t be stored. This free version gives you three server locations (Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands). But their premium services give you more server locations, and unlimited bandwidth after signing up. The pricing of Hide.Me Premium is $5.41 per month if you choose to upgrade your VPN service.

Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield

As we know that Hotspot Shield is the most popular VPN service and it has been around for many years. Although it’s popular for its premium version it gives you free VPN services. When you download this app, you don’t need to input any information. After downloading the app on android you see so many annoying ads but on other platforms are ads free. Also, it has a zero-log policy that protects your privacy. In this free version, you can access international content. If you upgrade to the paid version you can get better bandwidth and also connection speed will increase. The pricing of the paid version is $12.99 for one month and For 12 Months subscription, it cost $7.99 per month.

Speedify :


I will always say the most unique VPN service is speedify. Even if you live where the network connection is poor, it’s able to collect and combines all the incoming connection like cell, and wifi signals into a single and stable point. So it’s faster your connection and also protects your privacy. It has also no log policy, or error-correction protection so it is more secure. the monthly cost of its paid version is for individuals $8.99 per month and for 4 family members $14.95 per month.



Windscribe is also a VPN network and it has some great additional tools. You can access its firewall, ad blocking, and secure link generator features. In this free version, you are not able to unlimited download but it offers 11 location servers. You can choose its pro version the monthly cost is $9 per month and the yearly plan is $4.08 per month.



Proton VPN is the most secure and flexible VPN network with no data limitations. Don’t worry about your data being leaked to the government and ISPs; it gives you the best solution. Its secure core architecture passes your encrypted web traffic through its server so any attackers won’t be able to access your IP. It offers more than 500 servers in this free version. If you want you can upgrade it to the pro version. It will cost for 2 devices $4 monthly, 5 devices $8 monthly, and for 10 devices plus Protonmail $24 monthly.

Additional information:  In Android, you can use Secure VPN apps that you can easily connect with your network and access the sites. Simply you can download the apps from the play store and open it to let you see the magic.


VPN services guarantee you to access the web just as it had been originally designed to be – unrestricted and without scrutiny through the authorities. In this specific article, I have attempted to include that which I think will be the best free-of-cost VPN services available to users.

Even so, I advise that you use paid-out VPN services in the event that you desire greater security and far better transfer speeds and you may start by trying out a number of the free services in the above list.