If you want to enjoy the benefits of integrating Instagram with your email marketing campaigns, then you must first know how you can do it effectively and then proceed with the further necessary steps.

Yes, you can use these both as your stand-alone marketing strategies, but when you leverage them two in conjunction, you will, however, increase your chances of reaching out to a broader section of the audience and accomplish even more benefits. Out of the many, these benefits include:

  • Recognize the pre-eminent influencers
  • Amplify the potential reach of your message

In this modern business world, all marketers need to understand that they must have an effective marketing strategy, and this strategy is certainly not social media, excluding email marketing. Instead, it is the combination of these two because email marketing, believe it or not, remains a valuable and powerful tool that will help in customer acquisition, lead nurturing, and more.

Expert marketers like Gramista and others say that this is a powerful and effective combination that will help in creating better marketing opportunities. It will help you to:

  • Take your business to a new height
  • Enhance your marketing metrics
  • Get more subscribers to your list
  • Recognize the prominent influencers
  • Present your subscribers a new platform for interaction
  • Give more options to the email subscribers and
  • Amplify the reach of your message.

You can do and manage all these from one single place when you integrate Instagram or social media into your emails.

Use Instagram Analytics Tools

Now that you know about the advantages of integrating Instagram and email marketing, it is time to understand how exactly you can do it right to gain the maximum benefits and yields.

The best way to do so is to use the free Instagram analytics tools. There are several benefits of using this tool, apart from making the process easier, faster, and more productive. However, before you burn through cash on premium Instagram investigation apparatus, you should think about your general objectives and the size of your business. There is no need to pay for a tool if you only need to know the necessary data, such as the performance of your Instagram Stories.

When you use the free Instagram analytics tools, you will find that:

  • It is easy to use and therefore bet for people like you who technically challenged and have no previous experience of using such analytical tools. Since it is less detailed, it is suitable for beginners to analyze data and create reports.
  • It is a low-cost option for businesses that do not have a huge budget to see metrics like growth, engagement, hashtag, popular filters, and more. It has no month to month or yearly charges included.

This tool is ideal for small businesses because they do not need a data-packed report for their email and Instagram integration purpose. If you need only surface-level metrics, using free analytics tool is the best option. It is enough to know your follower growth, the performance of your campaign, and overall engagement.

The Best Tools

There are lots of Instagram Analytics tools available, some are free, and some are not, but all are equally effective. Two of the best tools to use are Hoot suite and Sprout Social.

The Hoot suite Analytics will provide you with:

  • Real-time results
  • Trend analysis and
  • Team metrics.

It will combine it all with a content management dashboard, which will allow you to publish email content and Instagram posts directly. You can create reports, track previous data, and determine the growth of the channel using different charts and graphs. You can also analyze positivity or negativity of user comments to assess the reactions of the audience over a set period.

Sprout Social Instagram analytics tool is the best social media management tool that will offer:

  • Instagram analytics
  • Inbox management
  • Real-time brand monitoring and
  • Comment moderation.

Using this tool, you can view audience growth, the top posts, publishing behavior, engagement, impressions, and more. You can also monitor competitors to measure and match their metrics. You can download or export data, which makes this tool more convenient than others to use.

Make They Work In Tandem

If you want to make Instagram and email marketing work effectively in tandem, you must follow these two specific steps.

  • Combine email and Instagram to build a stronger brand because customers look for brand integrity. This makes them feel that the company is reliable, and therefore they will pay attention to detail.
  • Refer to your email list when you need to make informed decisions on your social media ads. This will help you to make these powerful enough to convert potential customers. You will be able to know the call-to-action that will help you to achieve more conversions. You can even use it to test ideas for your social ads before you buy them with A/B testing different subject lines and images depending on the customer group that you want to reach.

You have to make sure that both email and Instagram team talks the same language so that your brand consistency does not suffer. If it is not in perfect sync, branding becomes weaker, and as a result, you will lose potential customers.

When your email and Instagram share the same language, your brand becomes informal and enthusiastic. You may use a lot of emeses and even post GIFs, but people will know what the brand stands for, no matter if they use Instagram, email, or both. This means that your brand will be consistent.

Use Social Media Chats

If you want to build your email list, you must use social media chats. You must create Instagram posts that will prompt your fans to ask questions about your business that they might have. This will enable you to keep them on the platform.

You can use tools like:

  • Live chat tools
  • Social inbox tools and others.

When people respond to messages or posts on Instagram directly within the tool alongside email tickets and regular website, the tool will prompt them to provide their email address to send further information and thereby build your email list.

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Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.